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Internal Advisory Group

What is IAG?

AIC's Internal Advisory Group (IAG) is a leadership group within our structure that helps provide feedback and advice on a smaller scale. The group's members represent every group, network, and committee within AIC. They help guide the direction of the annual meeting by suggesting locations, themes, and feedback. They receive annual reports on the workings of all groups and staff. They also are the first to see new initiatives.

Who is part of IAG?

Every group and committee chair is invited to be part of IAG. Other standing members are the AIC Board, AIC and FAIC staff members, and editors (JAIC editor, AIC News editor, AIC e-editor).

During the annual meeting of IAG, chairs may designate an alternate attendee if they cannot attend.

When do IAG members meet?

  • Every year, in alignment with the fall AIC Board meeting. The meeting can be held in November or early December, depending on various holiday and work schedules.
  • Since 2020, the IAG meeting has been held virtually on Zoom. The 2023 will also be held virtually. We hope to return to in-person meetings in the future. When we do meet in person, the meeting is held in Washington, DC, and members are reimbursed for any travel expenses.
  • IAG members also have access to an IAG online community where they can provide feedback and discuss issues throughout the year.

How do I send feedback to IAG, and what should I learn from it?

Anyone who is part of a specialty group, network, or committee can share comments and ideas with their chair to bring to IAG. If you are not part of these groups, please send your comments to any AIC board member or AIC staff member.

All chairs should take notes and share the proceedings of the meeting with their groups. The minutes for each meeting are also posted on our Governance page and below.

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2022 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting NotesPDF587.91 KB09 Jan, 2023 Download
2021 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF537.19 KB25 May, 2022 Download
2014 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF165.74 KB12 Jan, 2015 Download
2013 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF173.75 KB13 Jul, 2016 Download
2010 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF51.82 KB25 Apr, 2013 Download
2009 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF139.21 KB25 Apr, 2013 Download
2020 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF148.08 KB07 May, 2021 Download
2019 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF50.60 KB04 Feb, 2020 Download
2018 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF70.34 KB19 Dec, 2018 Download
2016 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF231.86 KB26 Feb, 2018 Download
2017 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF197.83 KB23 Feb, 2018 Download
2015 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF135.58 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download