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2023 Posters

Thanks to all our poster presenters who came to Jacksonville for our 51st Annual Meeting.

Below are the submitted posters from the 2023 poster session. If your poster is missing, please share it with us! Email Dawn Mankowski at

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
02-Finding Neon_Measuring the Color and Light Output of Neon Tubes - Giulia RiodaPDF1.38 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
01-An alternative conservation model of the agroindustrial heritage - Carolina RaineroPDF4.35 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
18-Climate Change_How Are Latin American Conservators Playing Their Role-Orrego TrincadoJPG8.79 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
48-Who, What, When, and Where_Uncovering the Clues on the Body of a Book - HumenuckPDF4.99 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
29-Knowledge Before Oratory_A Preliminary Survey of Scalebord Bindings at the Boston Athenæum - Gundrum and KnollPDF4.79 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
17-The Revenant_A new look on photographic albums - Constanzo-Vianka HortuviaJPG4.49 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
47-Climate Change and its Destructive Effect on Mechanical, Physical and Tonal Qualities of Historical Albumin Photographs Prints - Shaheen and AliPDF4.35 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
32-Conservation Processes of a Wooden Coffin Covered with a Black Resin Layer and Colored Materials in Dahshur Archaeological Area - AbdelmoniemPDF2.63 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
08-In Situ Humidification of Stretched Parchment Paintings_Two Effective Methods - Anita DeyPDF2.44 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
06-Is Silver A Color? A Survey of Lusterware Objects and Their Formidable Elements - Turner, Cooper, NeumanPDF2.21 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
03-Gold and Asian Lacquer_Application methods, degradation and related treatment considerations - Li Jung YenPDF2.16 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
20-Improved Interpretation of A-D strips with Colorimetry _ Visible Light Spectrophotometry - Zachman et alPDF2.13 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
09-Intake and Housing of the International African American Museum Collection at Warren Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston, SC - DieringerJPG1.91 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
44-Virtual Cleaning of Artworks Using a 1-Dimensional Convolutional - AmiriPDF1.19 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
12-Maria Augusta Rui Barbosa's Textiles - Lucio de SousaPDF1.19 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
04-Diatomaceous Earth Stones as a New Tool in Paper Conservation - Paul and HerrmannJPG1.06 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download
26-Novel Use of MA-XRF to Analyze the Efficacy of Two Common Treatments for Bronze Disease - Skyler JenkinsPDF917.46 KB09 Jun, 2023 Download
35-The Story of the Castillo Indigenous Collection_ A Case Study - Valentín IrizarryPDF1.58 MB09 Jun, 2023 Download