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Communications Committee

  • Maintains standards, provides guidelines, and assists as necessary with all our publications, including: the Journal of the American Institute for Conservation, AIC News, annual meeting abstracts and postprints, and specialty group publications, the wiki, and the our website, and others. 
  • Develops “Best Practices” guidelines for print and on-line publications and submission of abstracts for our publications to AATA. 
  • Facilitates development of Specialty Group and Network web content as incorporated into or supplementing the our website. 
  • Assesses advances in publication technology to enhance the quality and availability of our publications and online resources. 
  • Revises and updates the Communications Committee’s webpage. 
  • Monitors and improves content, alliances, and strategic activities that facilitate outreach, including: Wikipedia articles that relate to our organization and conservation/restoration, Social Media platforms, resources for working with K-12 students and educators, alliances with allied organizations and their communications strategies. 
  • Assists in increasing the quality and number of publications in the field. 

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The Communications Committee replaced the Publications Committee as of February 1, 2020.

The current chair is Henry Hebert. *Login required to search committee rosters.


Conference Proceedings Subcommittee

  • Justin Johnson
  • Dawn Mankowski
  • Kari Dodson
  • Mary Wilcop
  • Jennifer Hauck
  • Jennifer Evers
  • Lisa Goldberg, AIC News editor
  • Bonnie Naugle, staff liaison

Website Subcommittee

  • Bruce Bumbarger, Chair
  • Henry Hebert
  • Josie Maldonado
  • Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton
  • Rachael Arenstein, e-Editor
  • Bonnie Naugle, staff liaison
  • Ryan Winfield, staff liaison

General Sessions Postprints Team

  • Jennifer Evers, managing editor
  • Erik Farrell, assistant editor
  • Emma Kimmel, assistant editor

Wiki Working Group

  • Rachael P. Arenstein
  • Jon W. Sweitzer-Lamme
  • Luisa Casella
  • Teodora Raicu
  • Nancie Ravenel
  • Diane E. Knauf
  • Catherine H. Stephens
  • Laura G. Resch
  • Michelle C. Smith
  • Bonnie Naugle, staff liaison

Outreach Subcommittee

  • Colleen Grant, Chair
  • Rebecca Rushfield
  • Luisa Casella
  • Ellen Chase
  • Megan Narvey
  • Louise Beck
  • Katelin Lee, staff liaison
  • Bonnie Naugle, staff liaison

Publications Subcommittee

  • Rebecca Rushfield, Chair
  • Laura Gaylord Resch
  • Lisa Goldberg, AIC News editor
  • Julio del Hoyo-Meléndez, JAIC editor
  • Rachael Arenstein, e-Editor
  • Bonnie Naugle, staff liaison

Education (K-12) Outreach Subcommittee

  • Beth Edelstein, chair
  • Ellen Chase
  • Magdalena Solano
  • Joanna Hurd
  • Jessamy Gloor
  • Amy Brost
  • Colleen Snyder
  • Katelin Lee, staff liaison