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The American Institute for Conservation and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation work together to promote the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Partner with us to further that mission.

Press Release Archives

AIC and FAIC sends occasional press releases to announce our milestones and activities. Our press release archives are listed below.

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FAIC Offers New Funding Opportunity for Conservation OutreachPDF235.20 KB14 Oct, 2021 Download
FAIC Receives NEH American Rescue Plan GrantPDF241.33 KB05 Oct, 2021 Download
IMLS FAIC Announce New CAP Cooperative AgreementPDF126.31 KB30 Jun, 2021 Download
FAIC Receives NEH Support for Emergency Response TrainingPDF122.96 KB02 Apr, 2021 Download
NEH CARES 2020 06 25PDF119.51 KB25 Jun, 2020 Download
FAIC Receives Funding from NEH for Held in TrustPDF1.19 MB21 Apr, 2020 Download
FAIC Receives Federal Funding from NEA and NEH to Support Conservation InitiativesPDF1.15 MB15 Jan, 2020 Download
Collections Care Resources Available to Assist Those Impacted by Puerto Rican EarthquakesPDF118.26 KB09 Jan, 2020 Download
Oklahoma Alliance for Response Holds ForumPDF99.38 KB01 Nov, 2019 Download
FAIC Receives Grant from IMLS to Grow Connecting to Collections CarePDF135.04 KB22 Oct, 2019 Download
AIC Publishes Preventive Conservation: Collection StoragePDF36.83 KB30 Sep, 2019 Download
FAIC Press Release Material Immaterial 2019 09 23PDF1.14 MB23 Sep, 2019 Download
Prepare for Impact from Hurricane DorianPDF1.14 MB28 Aug, 2019 Download
Collecting Institutions: Prepare for Heavy Rainfall on Gulf CoastPDF1.14 MB08 Jul, 2019 Download
04-16-19 Notre Dame Fire ReleasePDF2.13 MB16 Apr, 2019 Download
03.18.19 NHR ReleasePDF1.14 MB18 Mar, 2019 Download
NEH grant releasePDF81.30 KB12 Dec, 2018 Download
Brazil National Museum ReleasePDF67.42 KB04 Sep, 2018 Download
NVOAD ReleasePDF78.46 KB01 May, 2018 Download
2018 CAP ParticipantsPDF133.40 KB29 Mar, 2018 Download
Mellon-FAIC-Press Release-January 2018PDF50.72 KB09 Jan, 2018 Download
Press Release - NEH NHR funding TX 2017PDF96.72 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
Press Release - Mellon Foundation Em 2017PDF93.86 KB25 Oct, 2017 Download
AIC Press Release-Monuments2017PDF139.00 KB22 Sep, 2017 Download
Forbes Medal Press ReleasePDF75.19 KB10 Aug, 2017 Download
AIC Statement of SolidarityPDF70.96 KB05 Jun, 2017 Download
AIC Statement on Travel RestrictionsPDF70.45 KB24 Feb, 2017 Download
AIC DAPL Press ReleasePDF85.35 KB26 Jan, 2017 Download
CAP ReleasePDF136.16 KB25 Jan, 2017 Download
2017 CAA and AIC Award for Distinction in Scholarship and Conservation Recipient AnnouncedPDF75.85 KB13 Jan, 2017 Download
NEH Grant Announcement 2017 2018PDF191.05 KB14 Dec, 2016 Download
AIC.DAPLPressReleasePDF63.75 KB02 Dec, 2016 Download
Midwest Flooding Release 1.6.16PDF199.58 KB06 Jan, 2016 Download
National Heritage Responders Name Change News ReleasePDF258.07 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
AIC CERT News release 2015 0828PDF254.75 KB28 Aug, 2015 Download
June 16, 2015 News ReleasePDF254.36 KB16 Jun, 2015 Download
Saving Family Treasures TX Flooding 5.15PDF166.59 KB28 May, 2015 Download
HP-FAIC Programmatic Transition Announcement PDF184.62 KB27 Apr, 2015 Download
_2015 Inaugural Tru Vue AIC Annual Meeting International Scholarships AwardedPDF29.42 KB16 Apr, 2015 Download
FAIC Names Coordinator for Connecting to Collections Care CommunityPDF46.05 KB09 Feb, 2015 Download
_2014 Inaugural Tru Vue International Professional Development Scholarships AwardedPDF95.89 KB30 Oct, 2014 Download
2014 Tru Vue International Scholarship AnnouncementPDF27.86 KB26 Aug, 2014 Download
_Hermitage Photograph Conservation Initiative_326PDF182.76 KB26 Mar, 2014 Download
Honoring the Monuments Men of WWII by Saving Art TodayPDF85.07 KB29 Jan, 2014 Download
Flagler Museum Press Release-2013PDF305.77 KB16 Jan, 2014 Download
Tru Vue Optium Grant Announcement_November 2013 CyclePDF280.47 KB16 Jan, 2014 Download
FineArtConnoisseur_NovDec2013PDF126.63 KB05 Nov, 2013 Download
AIC-CERT and Cultural Recovery Center UpdatePDF526.38 KB17 Apr, 2013 Download
FAIC Cultural Recovery Center Now Open and Accepting Damaged Works in BrooklynPDF165.04 KB04 Mar, 2013 Download
Cultural Recovery Center to Open in BrooklynPDF90.06 KB04 Mar, 2013 Download