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Risk Evaluation and Planning Program (REPP)

The Risk Evaluation and Planning Program (REPP) was originally developed by Heritage Preservation with support from an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate whether a risk evaluation by a team of preservation and emergency professionals, supplemented by practical recommendations and resources, can lead to preparedness at cultural institutions.


The project application and a site questionnaire can be used as institutional self-study tools. Many REPP project applicants commented on how much they learned about their facilities just by completing these forms.

The risk prioritization worksheet is a tool to help rate risks based on the likelihood of occurrence and severity of potential damage. During the REPP pilot, this worksheet was completed by the assessors with input from museum staff. The expertise of local emergency management agencies or fire departments is helpful in completing this form

Used in conjunction with the risk prioritization worksheet, the walk-through checklist helps staff identify a variety of conditions that may make institutions more susceptible to internal and external hazards.

You can learn about how to use these tools by exploring the worksheet and checklist instructions, a collection of one-page documents share tips on preparedness, provide ideas for simple mitigation measures, outline the basic contents of an emergency plan, and offer steps for getting started with planning efforts.

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