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FAIC/Kress Conservation Publication Fellowships

These fellowships are meant to improve the quality and quantity of publications in the field of conservation by encouraging conservation professionals to prepare publishable manuscripts.



  • The cash awards (currently $30,000 and payable in three installments as the manuscript progresses) are designed to enable conservation professionals to take time off from their work to finalize their manuscript.
  • Applicants must be current Professional Associate or Fellow members of AIC.
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Application Process

 Applications are submitted through our online application portal. When you enter the portal, you will be prompted to login to the system using a login ID and password. If you do not have an account in the system, you can quickly set one up before you begin your application.

You can save and return to your application later to complete it. When you are satisfied with your responses, “save and finalize” to submit your application. Once the application has been submitted, you cannot return to edit the form.


FAIC has awarded 51 Samuel H. Kress Conservation Publication Fellowships since 1994. Of these, 33 have been published and additional authors are currently working with publishers. The Fellowships have made an outstanding impact on the field of conservation. FAIC is committed to the production and dissemination of reference works for conservation professionals, and is very grateful to The Samuel H. Kress Foundation for its support for this project.

  • 2024
    Kate Wight Tyler, Prototypes, Process, Production: Critical Issues in the Conservation of Design Objects
  • 2023 Heather Brown and Luisa Casella, Significance, Care and Conservation of Photograph and Image Collections
    Rosa Lowinger, Dwell Time: A Memoir of Art, Exile, and Conservation
  • 2022
    Laura Buchner, Dalle de Verre
  • 2020
    Nichole Doub, Conservation Guidance for 106 Archaeologists
  • 2019
    Sylvie Penichon, translation into Spanish of Care and Identification of 20th Century Color Photographs
  • 2018
    Matthew Hayes, What Burckhardt Saw: Restoration and the Invention of the Renaissance, c. 1840-1904
  • 2017
    John Fidler, Fourth edition of Bernard Feilden's Conservation of Historic Buildings
    Nancy Odegaard, Saving Pottery: Conservation Approach and Treatment
  • 2016
    Gwen Spicer, Using Magnets in Conservation
  • 2015
    Michele Marincola and Lucretia Kargere, The Conservation of Medieval Polychrome Wood Sculpture: History, Methodology, Practice
  • 2014
    Carolyn Riccardelli and George Wheeler, After the Fall: The Conservation of Tullio Lombardo's Adam
  • 2013
    Elissa O'Loughlin, A Conservation Guide to Pressure Sensitive Tapes:  History, Identification, Treatment
  • 2012
    Blythe McCarthy, Chinese Paintings and the Introduction of Non-traditional Materials
    Kazuko Hioki, Printed Books as Artifacts from Japan of the Edo Period (1603-1867)
  • 2011
    Steven Weintraub, Illumination of Museum Collections:  New Perspectives on Perception, Preservation, and Sustainability
  • 2010
    Barbara Appelbaum, Guide to Preservation of Collections
    Sylvie Pénichon, Care and Identification of 20th Century Color Photographs
  • 2009
    Mary-Lou Florian, Cellulosic Facts: Cellulosic Materials in Heritage Objects; Structure, Chemistry, Identification, and Conservation Concerns
  • 2008
    Martin Jürgens, Identification and Conservation of Digital Prints
    Julia Miller, Books Will Speak Plain:  A Handbook for Identifying and Describing Historical Bindings in Rare and General Book Collections
  • 2007
    Eric Hansen, Lime Mortars and Plasters: Their Technology and Analysis
  • 2006
    Yoshiyuki Nishio, Japanese Folding Screens
  • 2005
    Cathleen A. Baker, Nineteenth-Century American Paper: Technologies, Materials, Characteristics, and Conservation
    Gay Myers & Lance Mayer, The Art and Mystery of Painting: American Painters on Technique
    Toby Jonathan Raphael, Conservation Standards for Museum Exhibitions
  • 2004
    María Fernanda Valverde, Photographic Negatives – Guide for Identification and Preservation
  • 2003
    Sylvia Albro, The History of Hand-papermaking in Fabriano    
    Vicki Cassman, Human Remains: A Guide for Conservators, Museums, Universities, and Law Enforcement Agencies
    Roy Perkinson, Translation of Max Schweidler’s The Restoration of Prints, Drawings, Books, etc.
  • 2002
    Harold Mailand, While Not in Use:  Traditions in Preserving Textiles and Costumes
    Julie Reilly & Jane Merritt, Keepers of the House
    Valentine Walsh, The Pigment Compendium
  • 2001
    Irene Brückle, Water in Paper Conservation
    Alice Boccia Paterakis, The Conservation of Inorganic Archaeological Objects    
    Ellen Pearlstein, Preventive Conservation for the Practicing Conservator
    George Wheeler, Alkoxysilanes for Stone Consolidation
  • 2000
    Julie Biggs, The Conservation of Iron-Gall Ink on Paper
    Elizabeth S. Goins, The Analysis of Historic Cementious Materials
  • 1999
    Mary-Lou Florian, Organic Material: Workbooks
    Chandra Reedy, Thin Section Petrography of Cultural Materials
    John Watson, Voices in the Wind:  The Preservation of Historic Organs
  • 1998
    Melanie Gifford, Netherlandish Painting in the Early 17th Century
    Nancy Odegaard, Spot Tests for Materials Characterization
    Glenn Wharton, Conservation Issues in the Design of Public Art
  • 1996
    Barbara Appelbaum, Conservation Treatment Methodology
    Pamela Hatchfield, Pollutants in the Museum Environment
    Marianne Webb, Lacquer:  Technology and Conservation
  • 1995
    Lois Olcott Price, Fabrication and Preservation of American Architectural Drawings Created Prior to 1930
  • 1994
    Nancy Davis, General Conservation Assessments:  A Review
    Michele R. Derrick, Infrared Spectroscopy in Conservation Science
    Randy Silverman, Book Repair: History and Technique