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Disaster Response & Recovery Guides

Guides and Information

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Emergency! If You're First...PDF3.97 MB11 Feb, 2019 Download
Salvaging Water-Damaged TextilesPDF2.13 MB21 Mar, 2019 Download
Saving Photographs After the FloodPDF2.12 MB21 Mar, 2019 Download
Tips for the Care of Water-Damaged Family Heirlooms and Other ValuablesPDF2.13 MB21 Mar, 2019 Download

National Heritage Responders Tip Sheets

Members of the National Heritage Responders have developed these brief "Tip Sheets" to help collecting institutions respond to and recover from events. 


Related Publications

  • The award-winning Field Guide to Emergency Response. Follow the Field Guide’s step-by-step instructions tailored to the scope of your emergency: what to do first, whom to call, how to prevent further damage.
  • The award-winning Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel. The wheel has essential information to help you cope quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.
  • In any emergency, staff at museums, libraries, and archives will be working with local emergency responders to secure their institution. Working with Emergency Responders: Tips for Cultural Institutions Poster provides advice on how to interact with responders before, during, and after an emergency.