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Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We have a main call for volunteers in February each year, and then keep unfilled roles open for mid-cycle applications.

Applications open February 1, 2023, and will close on March 1, 2023. Applications are simple to fill out and are an easy way to express your interest in volunteering. See below for descriptions of all the open roles.


How to Apply

  • Read the descriptions below, then click the Apply button on the one(s) you are interested in, or click the Apply button above.
  • At the application form, create a login or reset your password.

    (You will need to reset their application portal password if you haven't logged in since June.)

  • In the form, select the committee, group, or network that you would like to join.
  • Note your membership type and indicate specialty, if applicable.
  • Upload your CV or resumé.
  • Include a brief statement of interest: why would you like to work with this group, and/or what experience would be relevant to the role. See the description below to learn more about each role.

Volunteer Terms

  • All terms officially begin and/or end at the AIC Annual Meeting or related business meeting (such as the board or SG officer).
  • Term length is listed in the position descriptions below.
  • You should hear back from the chair in March, after all applications have been reviewed. Onboarding will happen in April.
If you see a position description missing from the list below, email

Open Volunteer Roles

  • CAN! Vice Chair (10 hours/month)

  • CAN! Assistant Program Chair (5-10 hours/month)

  • CAN! Co-editor of the Contemporary Art Review (3-10 hours/month)

  • CAN! Communications Officer (4-5 hours/month)

  • Communications Committee - Vice Chair (4-8 hours per month)

  • Conference Proceedings Subcom - Chair (4-8 Hours/Month)

  • Education (K-12) Outreach Subcom - Chair (4-8 Hours/Month)

  • Education (K-12) Outreach Subcom - Member (2-3 Hours/Month)

  • Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Advisory Committee - Member (3 hr/month)

  • ECPN - Communications Co-officer (3-5 hours/month)

  • ECPN - Digital Platforms Co-officer (3-5 hours/month)

  • ECPN - Outreach Co-officer (3-5 hours/month)

  • ECPN - Professional Education and Training Co-officer (3-5 hours/month)

  • ECPN - Vice Chair (3-5 hours/month)

  • Emergency Committee - Member (1-3 hrs/month)

  • EIC - Committee Member (4 hours/month)

  • EIC - Co-Chair (6 hours/month)

  • H&SN - Communications Coordinator (2 hours/month)

  • Imaging Working Group - Vice Chair (5 hours/month)

  • Imaging Working Group - Program Chair (5 hours/month)

  • Member Engagement SubCom - Member (3-4 hours/month)

  • Member Engagement Subcom - Chair (4-6 hours/month)

  • Outreach Subcommittee - Chair (4-8 hours/month)

  • Outreach Subcommittee - Member (2-3 hours/month)

  • OSG - Postprints Editor (5-15 hrs/month)

  • PCN - e-Editor (3-5 hours/month)

  • Publications Subcommittee - Member (Flex time)

  • Education & Training Committee - Member (3 hr/month)

  • Sustainability Committee - Member (3+ hrs/month)

  • TSG Achievement Award Committee - Member (1 hour/month)

  • Website Subcommittee - Chair (4-8 hours/month)

  • Website Subcommittee - Member (2-3 hours/month)