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In January 2012, members of Colorado’s cultural resources community, including Denver Alliance for Response, met with the Colorado Division of Emergency Management (CDEM) to discuss the scope of cultural resources within the state’s existing emergency preparedness efforts. CDEM invited the cultural resources community to create a Cultural Resources Task Force to continue working with CDEM.

The statewide emergency preparedness effort launched its kick-off meeting in May 2012. In 2013, the Colorado Cultural and Historic Resources Alliance (CCAHRA) was formed. A year later, the name was changed to the Cultural and Historic Resources (CHR) Task Force, reflecting the cooperative mission of the organization, empowered by a variety of resources under unified leadership. The CHR Task Force is a network of more than 100 individuals representing a wide range of institutions, including local historical societies, historic sites, museums, archives, libraries, and local and state emergency management agencies, throughout Colorado. Sponsored by the Center for Colorado & the West at the University of Colorado Denver and the Colorado Office of Emergency Management, the CHR Task Force works to improve the State of Colorado’s mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for cultural and historic resources during disasters.

Colorado CHR Task Force website
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Steering Committee Chairs:

Mary Rupp, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Carl Stewart 

Resources developed by Colorado CHR Task Force:

Emergency response and recovery of cultural and historic resources including the CHR-TF is documented in the “Colorado State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP), 2022” as a Historic and Cultural Annex.


The Denver Public Library was host to the Denver Alliance for Response Forum on September 25, 2009. The forum Planning Committee was successful in bringing together members from the cultural and emergency communities. Thirty percent of the 90 attendees came from the emergency management, public safety, and security professions – the largest percentage at any forum to date.

Denver Alliance for Response Kick-off Forum

September 25, 2009
Denver Public Library

Agenda (PDF)
Summary (PDF)
Lunch Session: Follow-up Activity Ideas (PDF)
Planning Committee (PDF)
Participant List (PDF)
Forum Evaluation (PDF)

PowerPoint Presentations

The Power of Partnerships, Jane Long, Heritage Preservation
The Art and Science of Business Continuity Planning, Fred Young, RE/MAX International Holdings, Inc.
Colorado’s Connecting to Collections Statewide Survey, Leigh Grinstead, LYRASIS
Models for Disaster Response Networks, Julie Page, WESTPAS

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