About Us
The American Institute for Conservation and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation work together to promote the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Partner with us to further that mission.


We are committed to transparency in our operations. Learn more about us by reading these documents.

Organizational Documents

These include our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Code of Ethics in several languages, the accompanying Guidelines for Practice, as well as Commentaries on the Code of Ethics. We also include historical documents important to the founding of the organization.

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AIC Bylaws November 2023PDF156.13 KB14 Dec, 2023 Download
Articles of Incorporation (1972, 1989)PDF186.15 KB13 Jan, 2015 Download
Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice (1994)PDF173.71 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Commentaries to the Guidelines (2001, 2008)PDF237.84 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Code of Ethics in Traditional Chinese (2010)PDF312.45 KB08 Oct, 2013 Download
Code of Ethics in Simplified Chinese (2010)PDF257.73 KB08 Oct, 2013 Download
Murray Pease Report (May 1968)PDF712.54 KB06 Mar, 2013 Download
Guidelines for Practice in Spanish (1994)PDF63.65 KB07 Nov, 2013 Download
Código Ética en Español (1994)PDF51.40 KB07 Nov, 2013 Download

Strategic Plans

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2023-2025 AIC Strategic PlanPDF93.58 KB04 Jan, 2023 Download

Position Statements & Papers

Sometimes we as an organization take a particular position on an issue. We express these stances in position statements and papers.

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Declaración de Principios (revisada) Sobre Monumentos Conmemorativos y Confederados Impugnados (2020)PDF245.17 KB02 May, 2022 Download
Declaração de Posição do AIC (revisada) Sobre Monumentos Comemorativos e Confederados Contestados (2020)PDF311.24 KB02 May, 2022 Download
Position Statement on Virtual Courier Oversight (March 2021)PDF274.22 KB22 Mar, 2021 Download
Position Statement (revised) on Contested Commemorative and Confederate Monuments (2020)PDF270.49 KB30 Oct, 2020 Download
Position Paper on the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites (2020)PDF2.20 MB28 Feb, 2020 Download
Position Statement on Climate Change (September 2019)PDF2.12 MB23 Sep, 2019 Download
Position Statement on Confederate Monuments (September 2017)PDF2.13 MB06 Sep, 2017 Download
Position Paper on Government Regulation of Ivory (November 2015)PDF58.73 KB16 Nov, 2015 Download
Position Paper on Conservation and K-12 Education (May 2013)PDF127.04 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download
Position Paper on Conservation and Preservation in Collecting Institutions (June 2002)PDF50.87 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download
New Orleans Charter for Joint Preservation of Historic Structures and Artifacts (1992)PDF23.01 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download

Defining Documents

These documents state our core values as an organization, define common terms used in the field, and establish standards for different roles performed in the conservation of cultural heritage.

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Equity and Inclusion StatementPDF193.16 KB04 May, 2017 Download
Definitions of Conservation TerminologyPDF329.47 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Defining the Conservator: Essential CompetenciesPDF177.54 KB08 Apr, 2013 Download
Requisite Competencies for Conservation Technicians and Collection Care SpecialistsPDF1.31 MB08 Apr, 2013 Download

Meeting Minutes

Member Business Meeting

We hold a meeting with our membership each year in conjunction with our Annual Meeting to report on the overall health of the organization, document past activities, and hear from our members on current issues.

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2021 Member Business Meeting MinutesPDF80.00 KB18 Nov, 2021 Download

Internal Advisory Group Meeting

We hold a meeting each autumn with leaders of our committees, networks, groups and board where we discuss issues relevant to the organization and plan for its future direction.

*2012 Meeting Cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

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2023 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting NotesPDF109.48 KB07 Dec, 2023 Download

Financial Reports

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AIC Overview Actual + Budget 2019-2021PDF28.30 KB22 Nov, 2021 Download

Annual Report

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2022 AIC and FAIC Annual ReportPDF5.14 MB06 Oct, 2023 Download

Group Rules of Order

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Architecture Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF415.14 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Book and Paper Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF63.54 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Conservators in Private Practice Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF73.32 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Electronic Media Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF222.40 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Objects Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF413.89 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Paintings Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF504.07 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Photographic Materials Group Rules of OrderPDF427.12 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Research and Technical Studies Rules of OrderPDF457.58 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Textiles Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF361.86 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download
Wooden Artifacts Specialty Group Rules of OrderPDF450.22 KB06 Apr, 2022 Download