About Us
The American Institute for Conservation and the Foundation for Advancement in Conservation work together to promote the preservation and protection of cultural heritage. Partner with us to further that mission.


We are committed to transparency in our operations. Learn more about us by reading our:

  • Organizational Documents (Bylaws, Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Practice, Articles of Incorporation)
  • Position Papers
  • Defining Documents (Core Values, Definitions, Core Competencies)
  • Meeting Minutes (Member Business Meeting, Internal Advisory Group Meeting)
  • Financials and Budget
  • Strategic Plan

Organizational Documents

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Articles of IncorporationPDF186.15 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
AIC BylawsPDF347.84 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Code of Ethics and Guidelines for PracticePDF173.71 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Commentaries to the GuidelinesPDF237.84 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Code of Ethics in Traditional ChinesePDF312.45 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Code of Ethics in Simplified ChinesePDF257.73 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Murray Pease ReportPDF712.54 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Guidelines for Practice in SpanishPDF63.65 KB07 Nov, 2013 Download
Código Ética en EspañolPDF51.40 KB07 Nov, 2013 Download

Position Papers

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Position Statement on Climate Change (September 2019)PDF2.12 MB23 Sep, 2019 Download
Position Paper on Confederate Monuments (September 2017)PDF76.82 KB06 Sep, 2017 Download
Position Paper on Government Regulation of Ivory (November 2015)PDF58.73 KB16 Nov, 2015 Download
Position Paper on Conservation and K-12 Education (May 2013)PDF127.04 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download
Position Paper on Conservation and Preservation in Collecting Institutions (June 2002)PDF50.87 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download
New Orleans Charter for Joint Preservation of Historic Structures and Artifacts (1992)PDF23.01 KB04 Nov, 2013 Download
Position Paper Guidelines (February 2013)PDF90.96 KB06 Mar, 2013 Download

Defining Documents

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Equity and Inclusion StatementPDF193.16 KB04 May, 2017 Download
Core ValuesPDF27.90 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Definitions of Conservation TerminologyPDF329.47 KB15 Oct, 2015 Download
Defining the Conservator: Essential CompetenciesPDF177.54 KB08 Apr, 2013 Download
Requisite Competencies for Conservation Technicians and Collection Care SpecialistsPDF1.31 MB08 Apr, 2013 Download

Meeting Minutes

Member Business Meeting

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Member Business Meeting Minutes June 2018PDF152.20 KB26 Apr, 2019 Download
Member Business Meeting Minutes June 2017PDF217.44 KB29 Nov, 2017 Download
Member Business Meeting Minutes May 2016PDF210.63 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
Member Business Meeting Minutes May 2015PDF476.07 KB12 Jan, 2016 Download
Member Business Meeting Minutes May 2014PDF33.39 KB28 Oct, 2014 Download

Internal Advisory Group Meeting

*2012 Meeting Cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
2018 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF70.34 KB19 Dec, 2018 Download
2017 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF197.83 KB23 Feb, 2018 Download
2015 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF135.58 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
2016 Internal Advisory Group (IAG) Meeting MinutesPDF231.86 KB26 Feb, 2018 Download

Financial Reports

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
FAIC Financial Summary 2015-2017PDF21.71 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
AIC Overview + Budget 2014-2017PDF20.19 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Fact Sheets 2017PDF1.26 MB05 Jan, 2017 Download

Strategic Plans

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
AIC 2019-2021 Strategic PlanPDF100.73 KB08 Feb, 2019 Download