Membership informs your work, connects you with your colleagues, and advances your career. Share knowledge, celebrate accomplishment, and lead the field.

Board of Directors


  • Determining organizational mission and purpose
  • Selecting the executive director
  • Providing proper financial oversight
  • Ensuring adequate resources
  • Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability
  • Ensuring effective organizational planning
  • Recruiting and orienting new board members and assessing board performance
  • Enhancing organizational public standing
  • Determining, monitoring, and strengthening our programs and services
  • Supporting the executive director and assessing the executive director’s performance
  • Acting productively in the best interests of the organization and its members for the advancement of the conservation profession.

Board Members

  • Being a member in good standing.
  • Reviewing and being familiar with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Code of Ethics.
  • Attending three board meetings a year and any special sessions called by the board president.
  • Providing reports for the board meeting (and other additional assignments) by specific deadlines.
  • Attending the June annual meeting and being available and visible to members as much as possible during the annual meeting to listen as well as answer questions and concerns.
  • Representing membership and responding to their inquiries and concerns.
  • Performing to the best of your abilities the responsibilities of your office on the board. You are responsible for learning about the specifics of your role on the board by communicating with the board member serving in that role prior to your election and by understanding your board position description (see Position Descriptions).
  • Representing the organization to other organizations and individuals as someone in a leadership position in the organization.
  • Respecting your fellow board members and their roles on the board.
  • Contributing to the foundation annually to ensure 100% board participation. The goal is to have all board members give no less than $200 annually.
  • Making your own travel plans to Washington, DC or to the annual meeting and your own reservations for a hotel room in Washington, DC (see travel and meetings)
  • Paying for your own annual meeting registration, any ticketed events you sign up for, and meals during the annual meeting.
  • Submitting reimbursements within 30 days of a meeting or other circumstances that require reimbursement.


  • Managing business and coordinating board activities
  • Providing access to copies of previous board minutes and other related material in the staff office.
  • Paying for board member airline or rail tickets or automobile mileage to and from board meetings and the annual meeting.
  • Paying for board member hotel room during board meetings and the annual meeting.
  • Reimbursing board member meals and miscellaneous expenses related to performing duties at a board meeting.

Travel and Meetings

Use the reimbursement form to specify expenses and submit the form and documentation to staff within 30 days of travel.


Please contact Eryl at 202.661.8060 or