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Global Conservation Forum

The Global Conservation Forum is a discussion forum for thousands of conservators and collection care professionals around the world who use it to share information, events, job openings, and more. Our foundation supports it with donations through our Conservation Online Fund.

Subscriber Guide

How to Subscribe 

Click on the button above to subscribe. On the next page, click the Join Community button. You will need to then log in or create a profile. New users will then click on the Join Community button in the links menu on their profile page. On the Join Community page, scroll down to the community and click Join. Set your email notification preferences in the corresponding pop-up window. 

How to Post

You must subscribe to post messages. Once you have joined the community go to the Community Home page, select the Discussions tab and click on Post New Message button on the right side of the screen.

Our moderator reviews posts regularly and usually approves them within a couple of hours. Delays may occur. Once approved, your post will appear immediately in the community and later in the daily and weekly digests that go to all subscribers based on their subscription preference. We will not otherwise notify you when we approve your post. If your post is rejected, you should receive a message from the moderator to assist you in meeting the guidelines below.

Posting Guidelines

  • Make sure your post relates to the conservation and preservation of library, archives, or museum materials or contains information likely to be of importance to people interested in these subjects.
  • Do not post advertisements for products or services or solicitations for fundraising.
  • Limit your post to one topic. You may send as many messages as you like, but keep each one to a single topic. 
  • Write your posts in English to reach the largest possible international audience.
  • Use a meaningful subject line that will make it easy for people to search your post. You or the moderator may add tags any time after publication.
  • Indicate the city/country or international country code when writing addresses and phone numbers and spell out the month when including dates.
  • Include the full name of your institution at least once in your message. You may use acronyms thereafter. Remember that many countries have a National Gallery, for example, so be as specific as possible. 
  • Identify yourself clearly when replying. If you have a commercial interest in a material or service that you are commenting on, make this clear (e.g., by including your company name).
  • Special instructions:
    • Jobs, Internships, and Fellowships
      Post only jobs directly involving the conservation and preservation of museum, library, or archive materials. In the subject line of your email, include the job title, the institution, and the geographic location of the position including city and country. Include at least a brief description of the job in the posting. You may include an attachment or link to a complete job description or institutional application system. Job announcements must include a starting salary or anticipated salary range as well as information on how to apply and relevant dates such as deadlines.
    • Courses, Conferences and Seminars
      Courses, conferences, and seminars sponsored by nonprofit organizations may be advertised on the Global Conservation Forum. Include a subject line that uniquely identifies the event, including the name of the conference, its dates, and its geographic location including city and country, e.g. "Museum Computer Network Annual Conference 2020, Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 14-18." Include precise and complete information on the location of the event in the posting as well as relevant URLs for registration and additional event information. 
  • Don't submit the same post more than once. If you want to send a reminder for a conference registration or other deadlines, reply to your own original post. The daily digest email will feature your original post, and this helps keep all information about your post in the same place.
  • Consider your posts permanently public. We do not remove posts from the archives except when legally required. Someone may cite your post in a publication or circulate your post on other sites, including on some over which we have no influence. When citing posts, please include the following information: Author(s). "Post Title or Email Subject." Global Conservation Forum (ConsDistList), Foundation for Advancement in Conservation, Date Posted, Time, URL. Accessed Date.

Code of Conduct

We intend the Global Conservation Forum to promote meaningful discussion among an international group of conservation and preservation professionals. Make sure that you remain respectful and professional in your posts and responses, whether public or private. Participation in the Global Conservation Forum and any of our online communities is a privilege, not a right.

We presume that all contributions to the Global Conservation Forum represent the opinions of the author and do not imply the endorsement of any institution.


Contact our moderator, Scott Devine, if you have trouble posting or questions about the process at