Specialty Group Liaisons

ECPN has established relationships with all AIC Specialty Groups and rely on liaisons to facilitate communication and advocate for the larger ECO community. Specialty Groups can request liaison help on specific initiatives. If liaisons plan to attend the AIC Annual Meeting, they are asked to present the ECPN update at the relevant Specialty Group business meetings.

Each month, ECPN will be highlighting one of our Specialty Group Liaisons. Please visit our Liaison Program News page to view these features. 

To connect with ECPs who have similar interests, contact the appropriate Specialty Group Liaison. If the position is marked vacant, please contact ECPN's Outreach officers. 

Notice a liaison vacancy? Email ECPN’s Outreach officers if you are interested in becoming a Specialty Group Liaison! This position is open to ECPs who are enrolled or have recently graduated from a conservation program.

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ECPN Subsite Gallery (21)

Ariana Smith surface cleans a fragment of a Qajar-era painted ceiling at the Brooklyn Museum
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