Graduate Program Liaisons

ECPN has established relationships with the graduate programs in both the United States and Canada. Liaisons facilitate communication within and about their specific program. While prospective students are welcome to contact Graduate Liaisons with specific questions relating to student life and a student’s perspective on the curriculum, please direct any admissions questions to the appropriate school administrator. If the position is marked vacant, please contact ECPN's Outreach officers. 

Notice a liaison vacancy? Email ECPN’s Outreach officers if you are interested in becoming a Graduate Program Liaison! This position is open to ECPs who are currently enrolled in a listed graduate program.

Megan Salas prepares to x-ray a gourd object with Jeff Maish
Leah Bright, Sam Owens, and Madeline Corona discuss the treatment of a ceramic
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Graduate Program

Buffalo State College (Art Conservation Department)

Columbia University (Historic Preservation Program)

Fashion Institute of Technology (Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, Museum Practice)

Institute of Fine Arts, New York University (Conservation Center)

Pratt Institute (Conservation and Digital Curation)

Queen’s University (Art Conservation)

University of California, Los Angeles/Getty (Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials)

University of Pennsylvania (Historic Preservation) 

University of Delaware/Winterthur (Art Conservation)

Abby Schleicher

Gabriela Figuereo

Sara Ludueña

Felice Robles

Charlotte Eagle

Grace McLean

Lauren Conway

Meris Westberg

Nylah Byrd

Buffalo State panel painting project
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Lia Kramer learning to rejoin ceramics from Steve Koob