BPG Program Chair Responsibilities

This is the second year of a two-year term (see entry below for Assistant Program Chair). Responsibilities include the following:

  • Responsible for organizing all the BPG events and activities at the AIC annual meeting.
  • Schedules facilities and audio visual equipment for all BPG sessions and the business meeting.
  • With the input of the BPG Education and Programs committee, reviews all abstracts and select talks for the BPG program.
  • Works with the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group (LCDGG) and Archives Conservator's Discussion Group (ACDG) to incorporate their programs into the BPG sessions.
  • Chairs the main BPG session, which includes introducing speakers, working with the audio-visual people within the facility, and timing talks.
  • Is a member of the Education and Programs Committee
  • Works with the Assistant Program Chair to accomplish all of the above tasks.
  • Writes thank you notes to speakers (or coordinates with BPG Chair)