BPG Secretary/Treasurer Responsibilities

This is a two-year term.

  • Records all financial transactions of the BPG.
  • Reconciles quarterly statements from AIC office with BPG finances. Periodically checks to insure that expenditures are within budget parameters.
  • Presents the annual financial report at the BPG business meeting.
  • Prepares a proposed annual budget for the BPG in consultation with the BPG Executive Council, Discussion Groups and Committees. Submits budget to the AIC Financial Manager.
  • Acts as a liaison with the AIC Financial Manager regarding reimbursement and/or advance payment for BPG members.
  • Records the minutes of the BPG annual business meeting.
  • Coordinates and compiles materials for fall and spring mailings to be sent to BPG membership. All mailings are sent electronically unless no e-mail address is on file; then they are sent by postal mail. These mailings typically include business meeting minutes, election ballots and other information pertinent to the group. Asks Executive Council, Discussion Groups and Committees for input.
  • Provides BPG webmaster with electronic version of mailings for posting on BPG website.
  • Maintains Secretary/Treasurer's records both in hardcopy and electronic form.
  • Makes sure that records on the AIC annual checklist are sent to AIC.