Conference Update from the BPG Executive Committee: May 2016

by Michelle Facini | May 06, 2016

We look forward to seeing you at all the Book and Paper Sessions AND at the:

1. Wiki Session (Sunday, May 15, 5:30-6:15 pm, Room 210 AB/EF)

2. Breakfast Business Meeting (Monday, May 16, 7:15-8:30 am, Room 210 AB/EF, breakfast available starting at 7:00). View and print the 2016 BPG Business Meeting Agenda and 3 other related documents: 2016 Treasurer's Report; 2015 Proposed to Actual Budget; 2016 Proposed Budget (This link will take you to a login page. Once you log in, you'll see the BPG Group Resources. Use the pull-down menu on the right side of the page to Sort By Date Added (new to old). Click the name of the document (e.g., 2016 Business Meeting Agenda), then click the green Download Resource button.)

3. Film Screening, “The Restoration of Books” (Monday, May 16, 12:00-1:00 pm, Room 210). The film, made by Roger Hill in 1968 for the Royal College of Art, London, focuses on the conservation efforts at the National Library in Florence, after the flood.

4. Reception (Monday, May 16, 6:30-9:30 pm). If you haven't already, buy your reception ticket online or at the registration desk to help support BPG and see the magnificent Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec Vieux-Montréal (535 Avenue Viger E, a 15 minute walk from the convention center). Catch up with old friends, meet new colleagues, and enjoy all inclusive food and drinks. Members $35, non-member $45, students $15. There will be 2 tours of the BAnQ V-M at 6:00 and 6:30, each limited to 40 people (AIC plans to send a sign-up for the tours in advance). We encourage you to walk to the BAnQ V-M. Or take the bus on a loop (Hyatt, Convention Center, BAnQ V-M), starting around 6:00.

5.  Book and Paper Tips Session/Luncheon (Tuesday, May 17, 12:00 - 2:00 pm, Room 510) The session will include two full-length talks and as many tips as we can incorporate. If you have a practical treatment tip or recent discovery related to book and paper conservation that you would like to share please step up to our open mic during this session. Tips are extremely valuable and will be included in the Book and Paper Group Annual, so please have publication-quality photos available, email  

Finally, we still need bloggers for several BPG talks on Sunday and Monday, as well as for the Tips session (12:00-2:00) on Tuesday and for the Art on Paper DG session on Tuesday afternoon. If you complete posts for two talks, you will be entered to win a free registration to AIC's 45th Annual Meeting in Chicago in 2017! Sign-up here.

See you next week!

2016 BPG Executive Council
Michelle Facini, Chair
Angela Campbell, Program Chair
Victoria Binder, Assistant Program Chair
Mary Oey, Secretary/Treasurer