BPG Wiki News

by Henry Hebert | May 01, 2017
Join Wiki Coordinators Katherine Kelly and Denise Stockman on Thursday, June 1, 2017 to hear updates on the progress of the BPG Wiki. Attendees will be invited to provide input to shape the development of the Wiki for the coming year. There will be a demonstration of new and improved Wiki pages, followed by an open dialogue.

At the 2016 BPG Wiki Discussion Session in Montreal, we sought feedback on the removal of the numbered outline format. There was overwhelming support for the idea. We made a template to standardize formatting going forward, and most of the pages now reflect the change. The group agreed that regular calls for bite-sized contributions would encourage participation. We have been following through on this idea with great success.

The 2017 BPG Wiki Discussion Session will be an opportunity to demonstrate the 2016-2017 changes and additions and facilitate a discussion of what to focus on in 2017-2018. The feedback that we receive during these sessions is invaluable in planning for the future of the BPG Wiki and maintaining an engaged and active membership. http://sched.co/8z3l