BPG Wiki Update

by Jodie Utter | Nov 02, 2018

The BPG Wiki reformatting project is complete! All of the wiki pages have been reformatted in order to standardize appearance, remove numbering, and allow for future growth. The BPG Wiki Coordinators would like to thank the following volunteers: Jennifer Evers, Sharon Fickeissen, Jill Iacchei, Clare Manias, Michelle Hamill, and Rebecca Smyrl who made this effort possible.

This process took a little over two years. Many issues were resolved along the way such as:

  • Where to put treatment procedures that have fallen out of common practice (see "Historical Techniques and Materials" section at the bottom of each page)
  • How to reduce numbering but differentiate between sections
  • How to include internal and external links and references
  • How to thank new and old contributors without top-loading the page.

Each page contains a link at the bottom to a PDF of the original printed Paper Conservation Catalog chapter. Reformatting did not involve changing the text of the chapters.

Updating information will be the new focus, which will be done through compiler groups that oversee content development. Look for more detailed information about these projects on the Book and Paper Group Online Community or get in touch by emailing bookandpapergroup dot wiki at gmail dot com.