BPG Wiki Update

by Jodie Utter | Apr 03, 2019

Here is the latest update from the BPG Wiki crew:

Notable accomplishments in 2018-2019 include completing the reformatting of all pages; the addition of dozens of videos, images, references, and technical instructions to content pages; the creation of a new page on the Use of Leather in Book Conservation; and substantial improvements to the Accessing Conservation Literature, Written Documentation, Housings, Encapsulation, and Tips chapters. More than 40 conservators from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, and across the United States have responded to these efforts by contributing original content, annotated citations, videos and images. The BPG Wiki Coordinators will be holding a lunch session during the Annual Meeting, in which they will introduce you to new Paper Coordinator, Diane Knauf, and invite feedback of the Bleaching Chapter, which still retains most of its 1989 text. Look for improvements to the Bleaching, Watermarks, Parchment, and Drying and Flattening pages in the coming year.