BPG Wiki Update – September 2019

by Katherine Kelly | Sep 27, 2019

Dear BPG Members and AIC Wiki friends,

It was a busy summer on the BPG wiki, and Diane and I are delighted to announce some recent improvements and updates.María Cristina Rivera Ramos and Mary Broadway from the Art Institute of Chicago shared their Beta Radiography Protocols to the Watermarks in Paper page. This technique replaces the Kodak film with phosphor-coated imaging plates, which allows conservators to image a larger area with higher sensitivity and faster collection times

Angela M. Andres from the University of Kansas Libraries shared her instructions for making a 20 point wrappers where the spine is made of polyester on the Housings page. These boxes can facilitate browsing or allow fragile bound volumes to be displayed. She includes variations for vellum-bound books that control warping.

Tessa Gadomski from the University of Pennsylvania Libraries has improved the Book Boards page with sections on the terminology used to describe boards and the addition of new bibliographic resources. Stay tuned for further developments!

Emilie Duncan from The Mariners' Museum and Park in Virginia has updated the Board Reattachment page with a Tyvek flange technique.

There are lots of other improvements in the works, and we will do our best to keep you all updated.