BPG Wiki Update - November 2019

by Susie Cobbledick | Nov 08, 2019

Greetings conservation community!

Your colleagues at the AIC Book and Paper Wiki want you to know that a new Drying and Flattening page has just gone live.

This is a complete revision of an older section of the Book and Paper Catalog that had never quite been finished. Please take a look at it here – BPG Drying and Flattening – and send your comments and corrections to susan dot cobbledick at mobot dot org. All feedback, positive and negative, is welcome.

I would like to thank the Book and Paper Wiki coordinators Diane Knauf (paper) and Katherine Kelly (books) for their direction, suggestions, corrections and overall editorial expertise. I would also like to thank all who contributed additional content to the page: Stacey Mei Kelly, Bill Minter, Brook Prestowitz, and Theresa J. Smith.

I encourage you all to embrace any opportunities that come your way to participate in these AIC wiki page revisions. They take time and work but are also a great way to learn and relearn fundamental practices.