BPG Archives Conservation Discussion Group News

by Saira Haqqi | Nov 18, 2019

Dear BPG Members,

Thank you for casting your online vote on the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group (LCCDG) and Archives Conservation Discussion Group (ACDG) merger. In total, 177 (18.3% of the 965 BPG members) voted. 168 (95%) were in favor of the merger, 4 were not, and 5 abstained.

Based on these results, the vote passes with a majority of the membership in favor of merging LCCDG and ACDG. The merger will take effect immediately after the 2020 AIC Annual Meeting. LCCDG co-chair Lauren Telepak (2019–2022) and ACDG co-chair Amy Lubick (2018–2021) will serve out their terms and provide continuity of leadership during the newly merged group's first two years from (2020–2022). The two discussion groups – the newly merged group and the Art on Paper Discussion Group (APDG) – no longer will have an "off" year and instead will be a regular presence at the AIC Annual Meeting. 

We are grateful for your participation, and now invite your feedback on potential names for the newly merged discussion group. Some possibilities are: 

  • Library and Archives Conservation Discussion Group (LACDG)
  • Collections Conservation Discussion Group (CCDG)

Please share your preference or a new suggested name directly to BPG Program Chair Eliza Spaulding at: elizaspaulding at gmail dot com by November 25, 2019. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


BPG Executive Council 2019–2020

Sarah Reidell, BPG Chair

Eliza Spaulding, BPG Program Chair

Andrea Knowlton, BPG Assistant Program Chair

Saira Haqqi, BPG Secretary-Treasurer