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Book and Paper Group Annual

The Book and Paper Group Annual is published once a year by the Book and Paper Group (BPG), a specialty group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC).

The Annual is distributed to members of the Book and Paper Group. Additional copies or back issues are available from AIC. All correspondence concerning subscriptions, memberships, back issues, and address changes should be addressed to the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, 1717 K Street, N.W., Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20006.

The Book and Paper Group Annual is a non-juried publication. Papers presented at the Book and Paper Session of the annual meeting of the AIC are selected by committee based on abstracts. After presentation authors have the opportunity to revise their papers before submitting them for publication in the Annual; there is no further selection review of these papers. Independent submissions are published at the discretion of the BPG Publications Committee. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present. Publication in the Annual does not constitute official statements or endorsement by the BPG or by AIC.

Print copies of all BPG Annual back issues (except volumes 4 and 16, which are out-of-print) are available for $20 AIC members/$30 non-members, plus postage & handling. To order, see AIC Online Store.

Book and Paper Group Wiki

The Book and Paper Group Wiki is intended to be a comprehensive record of treatment-related topics, arranged systematically with descriptive details. The BPG Wiki grew out of two earlier BPG publication projects - the Paper Conservation Catalog (PCC) and the Book Conservation Catalog (BCC).

As of 2020, there are 29 Paper Conservation pages, 20 Book Conservation pages, and 19 pages of shared interest, as well as multiple how-to-edit and navigation pages. Links have steadily grown between the BPG pages the AIC Wiki pages maintained by other speciality groups.

Access the Book and Paper Group Wiki on the AIC Wiki.

The BPG Wiki is overseen by two volunteer Wiki Coordinators, one book and one paper, who report to the BPG PubComm chair. They are responsible for overseeing page and section revisions, raising awareness of the Wiki, keeping BPG members informed of its progress, recruiting contributors, organizing editing events, assisting anyone that comes forward with research and expertise they want to share, and integrating the Wiki with other BPG PubComm efforts. Like all BPG volunteer positions, the Wiki Coordinators serve on rotating, renewable three-year terms. If you would like to be involved in the Wiki, contact the BPG Wiki Coordinators at BookandPaperGroup.Wiki at gmail dot com.

The Paper Conservation Catalog and the AIC Wiki were developed by, and for, professional conservators. While persons in related fields will benefit from being acquainted with its content, neither is intended to provide step-by-step recipes for the untrained. Also, the PCC was created over the course of several decades, and there are out-of-date sections. When using the wiki, readers are strongly encouraged to consult the growing body of relevant literature.