Rules of Order

I. This organization shall be known as the American Institute for Conservation – Photographic Materials Group (AIC – PMG).

 It is a Specialty Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Art and Historic Works (hereinafter referred to as AIC), and is therefore bound by its Bylaws and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

II. The purpose of the AIC – PMG are:

A. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information about photographic conservation and to promote the development of sound conservation practices.
B. To promote the publication of scholarly articles on photographic conservation and related topics.
C. To develop closer ties with other related disciplines, and to disseminate responsible information on the care of photographs

III. Membership

A. Membership is open to anyone who is a member of the AIC, but is primarily intended for those whose major field of interest is conservation of photographs.
B. Membership in the AIC – PMG is contingent on membership in the AIC and the payment of annual dues. Members are bound by the Bylaws and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the AIC.
C. Violation of the Code of Ethics by a member shall be referred to the parent organization after a two-thirds vote of the membership.
D. Membership does not certify a conservator of photographs, and should not be considered an endorsement of his/her work.

IV. Annual Meetings

The AIC – PMG shall hold the annual business meeting as a scheduled portion of the AIC Annual Meeting each year. Full AIC/PMG Specialty Group meetings shall also be held at the AIC Annual Meeting whenever possible. Additional meetings shall be called by the Chair on the basis of interest and need.

V. Membership Dues and Accounting Policy

A. The AIC shall charge membership dues annually. The amount of such dues shall be determined by a simple majority of the AIC-PMG at a regularly scheduled business meeting. Registration fees for additional meetings shall also be collected as needed.
B. All dues and fees will be collected and held by the AIC and dispersed by them at the request of the elected officials of the AIC-PMG. Said officers have spending authority and will provide a detailed accounting of all revenues and expenses at each regularly scheduled business meeting.

VI.Election of Officers

A. Officers of the AIC-PMG shall consist of a Chair, a Secretary/Treasurer, and a Program Chair.
B. All officers must have been members of the AIC-PMG for no less than two years.
C. Officers shall be elected for a period of two years. No officer may serve more than two consecutive terms. 
D. Officers will rotate as follow: Chair and Program Chair will be elected on odd years; Secretary/Treasurer will be elected on even years.
E. One year prior to a scheduled election, a Nominating Committee consisting of three members of the AIC-PMG shall be selected and voted upon by the membership at the annual business meeting. This Committee shall then accept nominations from any member in good standing and submit a ballot for online voting facilitated by AIC. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of those members voting. The current AIC-PMG Chair shall withhold his/her vote to be used in case of a tie.
F. The AIG-PMG membership may institute additional offices as they become necessary.

VII. Duties of the Officers

The Chair shall:

1. Preside over the meetings.
2. Serve as the liaison between the AIC-PMG and the AIC.
3. Solicit and represent the views of the AIC-PMG to the parent organization and to other interested parties.
4. Keep the members informed as to related meetings and useful information.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

1. Maintain records for the AIC-PMG, including minutes of all meetings, membership data, revenue and expenses, and correspondence.
2. Collect dues and registration fees when applicable.
3. Assist the Chair as needed.

The Program Chair shall:

1. Be responsible for the organization and presentation of the program at the annual meeting.
2. Enlist the assistance of a local arrangements coordinator at the meeting site, if needed.
3. Work with the other officers to coordinate the presentation of papers with other AIC-PMG business and activities.
4. Assist as needed with the publication of papers presented at AIC-PMG meetings

VIII. Amendments

Amendments to these Rules of Order shall be by a two-thirds majority at the annual business meeting. Proposed changes or additions shall be sent to the AIC-PMG membership no later than two weeks before the annual meeting for their consideration.

IX. Implementation

These Guidelines supersede the previous Articles of Organization (1979), and shall be considered the governing document for the AIC-PMG. They shall be implemented immediately upon majority approval of the membership review by the Board of AIC.

Last revised April 22, 2015   


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