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2015 Posters

We list posters presented at the 43rd Annual Meeting (2015) . Poster authors should send their posters in PDF or JPEG format to

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057. A 16th-Century Spanish "Nao" Shipwreck Found on the Quebrado de Fuxa (Pinar del Rio, Cuba): Wood Identification and Analysis

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  1. Testing Dry-Ice Cleaning on Archaeological Wrought Iron from the USS Monitor
    William Hoffman, Senior Conservator for the USS Monitor Project, The Mariners' Museum
  1. Analysis of Rock Deterioration in Naqsh-e Rostam Relief by Geospatial Technology
    Azadeh Ghobadi, PhD Candidate in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Art University of Isfahan, Iran, Faculty of Conservation; Mohammad Amin Emam, Assistant Professor, Art University of Isfahan, Iran; Hesam Aslani; Jenoos Gashasy
  1. Watermark Capture and Processing with the Light Wedge
    Meghan Wilson, Preservation Imaging Specialist, Library of Congress; Fenella France, Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress
  2. Optical Options and (Challenges) Opportunities
    Fenella G. France, Chief, Preservation Research and Testing Division, Library of Congress; Meghan Wilson, Preservation Imaging Technician in PRTD, Library of Congress
  1. Artificial Aging of an Emulsified Acrylic Artists’ Material: Ultraviolet Light, Visible Light, and Heat
    Michael Doutre; Ashley Freeman; Alison Murray, Associate Professor; all of Queen’s University
  1. A Study of the Light Sensitivity of Birch Bark Part 1: Exposure to Visible Light (no UV)
    Carole Dignard, Senior Objects Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute; Season Tse, Senior Conservation Scientist, Canadian Conservation Institute; Sonia Kata, Objects Conservator, Canadian Conservation Institute
  2. Bringing Science to Your Doorstep: Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts
    Johanna Salvant, Postdoctoral fellow in Conservation Science, NU-ACCESS; Francesca Casadio, Co-director / Andrew W. Mellon Senior Conservation Scientist, NU-ACCESS / Art Institute of Chicago; Katherine Faber, Co-director, NU-ACCESS / Art Institute of Chicago; Monica Ganio, Postdoctoral fellow in Conservation Science, NU-ACCESS; Marc Walton, Senior scientist, NU-ACCESS
  1. How Big is a Big Map? Large Map Digitization for Preservation and Access
    Deardra Fuzzell, Cartographic Technology Specialist, Stanford University
  2. Conservation in a Construction Environment
    Kumiko Hisano, Architectural Conservator, EverGreene Architectural Arts
  3. Dynamic Artwork Lighting and Conservation
    Octavio Luis Perez, PhD Graduate Student, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center; Anqing Liu, PhD Candidate, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center; Michael Shur, Professor at RPI and PhD Advisor, Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center
  1. Intersection of East and West – A Record of Rescuing the Historic Archives of Pe'h-ōe-jī in the Thai-peng-keng Maxwell Presbyterian Church
    Jen-Jung Ku, Research Assistant and Conservator, National Museum of Taiwan Literature; Jia-fen Wu, Paper Conservator, Cheng Shiu University Conservation Center
  1. Conservation on a Rare Botanical Specimen Decorated Book: A Case Study on Du Pan Fang-ge's Diary
    Jen Jung Ku, Research Assistant and Conservator, National Museum of Literature, Taiwan; Wan-Jen Lin, Paper Conservator, Cheng Shiu University Conservation Center
  1. Collaborative Solutions for Preserving and Displaying Works by Self-Taught Artists James Castle and Mingering Mike
    Catherine I. Maynor, Paper Conservator, Smithsonian American Art Museum
  1. Blank
  2. Using an Integrated Approach to Achieve Exhibit Goals for the Glittering World: Navajo Jewelry of the Yazzie Family 
    Kelly McHugh, Objects Conservator, National Museum of the American Indian; Janelle Batkin-Hall, Student, Buffalo State University; Reka Sarfy, student; Sasha Rivers, Student/Enrolled member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, Salish Kootenai College Tribal Historic Preservation Program
  1. The Practical and Real Effects of Theory in Conservation
    Ximena Paola Bernal Castillo, Coordinator of Research and Publications on cultural heritage/Coordinator of Family Album collection, Instituto Distrital de Patrimonio Cultural, Bogota, Colombia
  2. Rest in Peace? Challenges in the Storage of Mummified Human Remains, Regional Museum of Antofagasta, Chile
    Daniela Bracchitta, Conservator-Restorer of Cultural Heritage, National Center of Conservation and Restoration (Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración), Santiago, Chile
  3. The Candelaria Cave Textiles: A Conservation Project
    Leslie Julieta Cabriada Martínez, Conservator, Instituto Nacional De Antropología E Historia, Atizapan De Zaragora, Mexico; Carla Silai Silva García, Intern of Archaeology
  1. Collaboration with Artists as a Strategy for Conserving Contemporary Art
    Ingrid Frederick, Preventive Conservator, Banco De La Republica, Bogota, Colombia
  2. Conservation and Restoration of Special Books of the General Archive of the Council
    Sonia Merizalde Aguirre, Licenciada En Restauracion Y Museologia, Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial, Quito, Ecuador
  1. Proposal for Intervention in the Historic Monuments: Safeguarding, Preservation and Caretaking in Historical Greenhouse at Instituto Florestal of São Paulo, Brazil
    Cristina Lara Corrêa, Conservator And Research Associate, GT Zeladoria do Patrimônio Histórico Edificado Paulista (SAMAS-SP), São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Confronting and Linking Restoration Theory to Reality: Field Practices at the National Restoration School
    Lilian Garcia-Alonso Alba, Professor, Escuela Nacional De Conservación, Restauración Y Museografía Del Instituto Nacional De Antropología E Historia (INAH), Mexico City, Mexico
  1. The conservation of a Roman- Egyptian mummy mask, Case study
    Fatma Zaid and Mahmod Hassan El behairy, Objects Conservators, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Conservation Center, Egypt
  1. Study of the Effect of the Enzyme Protease that Used in Textile Conservation on Cotton Fibers Dyed Natural Dyes
    Dr. Harby E. Ahmed, Conservation Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Egypt
  1. Doing the Most in a Triage Situation
    Steven Pickman, Contract Conservator, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution; Sharon Norquest, Contract Conservator, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
  1. Illuminating the Martyred Saint: Conservation and Analysis of a Stained Glass Panel from Canterbury
    Mary Clerkin Higgins, Owner, Conservator, Clerkin Higgins Stained Glass, Inc.; Angela Chang, Assistant Director and Objects Conservator, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Harvard Art Museums; Katherine Eremin; Stephan Wolohojian; Georgina Raynor 
  2. Parchment Mystery, Assessment and Comparison the Ratio of Degradation between the Interior Parts of Parchment and the Edges, Case Study
    Moamen Othman; Fatma Zaid; and Mahmod Hassan El behairy, Objects Conservators, The Grand Egyptian Museum, Conservation Center, Egypt
  1. Preservation Of The Sacred Cross Of Chalpon, Motupe, Peru
    Cesar Maguiña Gómez, Conservator, Instituto Americano de Investigacion y Conservacion, Chiclayo, Peru