American Institute for Conservation
We support and empower professionals, institutions, and the public in preserving our irreplaceable cultural heritage.

What is Conservation?

The profession that melds art with science to preserve cultural material for the future. Conservation protects our heritage, preserves our legacy, and ultimately, saves our past for generations to come.

for Advancement in Conservation

The Foundation conducts conservation education, research, and outreach activities that increase understanding of our global cultural heritage. Learn how to support its work.

Professional Development &
Continued Education

We promote materials and technological expertise and mastery of conservation techniques. We are dedicated to service in the field, research, sharing knowledge with others, and continued education.


Join the professional community that has unparalleled expertise in caring for our cultural heritage. By informing, empowering, and connecting with each other, we ensure it is not lost or forgotten.

Advocate for Conservation

You are the voice for cultural materials preservation. Advocate for public policy that values the enduring evidence of human imagination, creativity, and achievement. Join our efforts.

Friends of Conservation

Conservators play a vital role in protecting and preserving the art, objects, and historic sites that tell the story of our lives. Become a Friend to support their work and learn how conservation affects the world around us.

Emergency affecting your collection?

Get immediate assistance from our team of National Heritage Responders.