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Pre-, Post-, and Lunch Sessions

Submission DEADLINE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022, 11:59 pm

Propose a session that will take place before, after, or in-between main meeting sessions.

  • Pre-sessions (May 16 and 17)
  • Post-sessions (May 21)
  • Lunch sessions (May 18, 19, and 20)

Pre/Post Sessions

Sessions should provide information on a topic of interest to attendees and should should be between 1 and 3 hours or a half- or full-day session. They may require an additional cost to attendees beyond the base registration. However, we make efforts to keep that cost low and/or offer sessions at no additional cost when possible. If you want to propose  a longer session or one that doesn't quite fit one of the existing types, email Ruth Seyler, Meetings Director, at

Lunch Sessions

You can propose content for a 1- or 2-hour lunch session during the main meeting days. These are targeted sessions that cover a specific topic in a lecture or panel format. Sessions that begin at noon will be ticketed to cover the cost of lunch; lunch will be 30-45 minutes and the session can start before lunch or after. We recommend programing not exceed 90 minutes in a lunch session. One-hour sessions that begin at 1 p.m. will not include lunch.

Open Symposia

We will share any proposed symposia that are accepting abstracts here.