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35th Annual Meeting in Richmond (2007)

Fakes, Forgeries and Fabrications
Richmond, VA • April 16-20, 2007

Insatiable demand and record prices at auction for fine art and artifacts have fueled new interest in optimistic attribution of cultural property, misattibution of property, and the creation of deceptive forgeries. How do the marketplace, museums, and courts define fakes, forgeries, and fabrications? How do connoisseurs, art historians, and scientists discriminate authentic works? When does deceptive manufacture of misattribution cross the line to criminal fraud? How does law enforcement apprehend and prosecute criminal perpetrators? How does the law define an expert? How can conservators, scientists, and other art experts protect themselves from civil complaints of libel, slander, disparagement, and more? Does authenticity affect insurance underwriting and claims for damage or loss? These questions and more were explored at the 35th Annual Meeting.

2007 Final Program Cover