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Poster Session

The 2020 Virtual Poster Session on Tuesday, July 21 featured nine authors presenting their research. Click on the title to read the corresponding abstracts before downloading.

Tablet Techniques for Digital Documentation

Brianna Warren

Digital documentation with an iPad and the PDF Expert application makes it possible to work expediently with increased accuracy when creating condition reports for artworks. Hundreds of iPad reports have been completed in the paper conservation studio since this system was introduced to the Menil Collection conservation department in 2016. Following up on Katrina Rush’s 2018 presentation to AIC’s Collection Care Network, examples will show how these tools have the flexibility to easily adapt for purposes such as high volume acquisitions, documenting large-scale works, and other project specific needs. The ability to insert detailed photographic images directly into a report while working in storage or a gallery setting make working with a digital tablet extremely efficient. The incredible portability and ease of adoption adds to the appeal of documentation with this method. Techniques demonstrated in this poster are easy to implement and can be readily adopted into new or existing digital documentation toolkits with this or other tablet and PDF editing systems.

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