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Poster Session

The 2020 Virtual Poster Session on Tuesday, July 21 featured nine authors presenting their research. Click on the title to read the corresponding abstracts before downloading.

More than Sticks and Stones

Neela Wickremesinghe

Within a historic cemetery setting, clean up from damage caused by severe storm events has rapidly become a larger and larger portion of yearly maintenance. In 2019 alone 9 veteran trees were lost to storms less than 20 minutes in length. These, in addition to increasing droughts and rising temperature has also lead to immense strain on the veteran tree population of the cemetery which is home to one of the most diverse tree populations in New York City and the only level three accredited arboretum in Brooklyn. These storms create not only tree damage but often damage to historic monuments and buildings as well. . 

As part of a larger digital documentation effort the cemetery has adopted a GIS system to map and track tree locations and vital information as well as locations and conservation issues within its over 300,000 monuments. This system is used when weather events occur to track work, document damage, and track work as it is done in real time. The system is also used to try to identify trees and monuments that may be in danger of damage before a storm comes through. 

During this presentation Green-Wood staff will talk through collections management of both historic trees and monuments and how digital documentation tools can help overall collections management issues within a cultural landscape

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