About CAN!

This network supports the growing number of conservators and related professionals challenged with the preservation of contemporary art by:

  • Providing a forum to exchange knowledge and ideas across material specializations
  • Encouraging recognition of the topic as a distinct practice within the profession that requires specific training, skills, and knowledge
  • Supporting and advocating for the most informed and appropriate care for contemporary art in the US and worldwide.

Its mission focuses on:

  • Creating a network of professionals committed to the topic by supporting current members and encouraging membership among non-members.
  • Developing and promoting programming for the annual meeting.
  • Hosting in-person and online networking and exchange opportunities.
  • Organizing research projects, workshops, and publications.
  • Identifying new tools required and providing training and professional development opportunities.
  • Working with related groups worldwide to develop common standards, vocabularies, and competencies.
  • Encouraging the development and expansion of training for contemporary art conservators in the US.
  • Promoting standards and best practices both within and outside the conservation profession.

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