Electronic Media Group

Rules of Order


The mission of the Electronic Media Group (EMG) within the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC) is two-fold:
(1) provide information, guidance, and a forum for discussion on the preservation of electronic art, electronic-based cultural materials, and their tools of creation; and
(2) provide a means for conservators and related professionals to develop, use, and maintain knowledge of relevant new media and emerging technologies.

With this mission, EMG will develop relationships between conservators and professions involved in the production, maintenance, storage, and promotion of electronic materials including but not limited to: magnetic, optical and other storage media; video, audio, digital and website content; software, hardware and their emulation.


A. Membership shall be open to any member in good standing of the AIC.

B. All members shall have the right to vote on elections of officers, changes in Rules of Order, membership dues, and any other issue on which a vote by the membership is required in accordance with Sections III to IV below.

C. All members are eligible to hold office, serve on committees, and be appointees. All EMG members will receive EMG publications.

D. EMG shall charge annual membership dues. The amount of such dues shall be determined by the simple majority of EMG members at the regularly scheduled business meeting. All dues charged by EMG will be collected and held by the AIC and dispersed by them at the request of the elected officials of EMG.


A. The Officers of EMG will be:

    Program Chair
    Assistant Program Chair

B. Term of office will be two years for the Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and Webmaster. Beginning in 2007 and every year afterwards, term of office will be one year for the Program Chair and Assistant Program Chair. After serving as Assistant Program Chair for one year, this officer will have the option to assume the role of Program Chair for an additional one year term. If the Assistant Program Chair decides not to assume the role of Program Chair, the EMG membership will elect a new officer for this position. Term of office will begin with the announcement of their election at the EMG annual business meeting. No officer may serve on the Executive Committee more than four consecutive years.

C. The Executive Committee consists of the Chair, Program Chair, Secretary-Treasurer, Webmaster, and Assistant Program Chair.

D. Liaisons to other specialty groups within the AIC, or to other related professional groups will be at the discretion of the Chair and Executive Committee. Liaisons will serve for a period of two years, and will report to the Chair.

E. Duties for the Officers are as follows:

i. The Chairperson shall manage the EMG; serve as a liaison between EMG and the AIC Board; preside over the EMG Business Meeting; serve as Chair of the Executive Committee of EMG; develop programmatic initiatives; keep members informed through a regular column in the AICNews, presentations at EMG meetings and programs, and the EMG Website . In cooperation with AIC and following all AIC regulation, raise fund for EMG Programs and events.

ii. The Secretary-Treasurer shall maintain electronic or written records for the EMG, including minutes of all meetings, membership data, revenue and expenses, and correspondence, which include ballots and Guideline changes. They will work with the Webmaster to provide up-to-date content on the EMG Website.

iii. The Webmaster for public outreach will maintain the EMG website and develop content for the Website. The Webmaster may appoint, in consultation with the Chair and Executive Committee, and then manage, an Assistant Webmaster to explore the membership, non-Conservation professionals and the Internet for content.

iv. The Program Chair will organize the EMG Annual Meeting at the AIC Annual Meeting and assist the Chair with securing funding for the program.

v. The Assistant Program Chair will assist the Program Chair with meeting organization duties.


The EMG will organize an Annual Meeting at the AIC Annual Meeting. The EMG Business Meeting will held during the EMG Annual Meeting. Other EMG events, meetings and programs can be organized at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


A Nominating Committee, consisting of three members, shall be selected and voted upon by members attending the annual Business Meeting. The past EMG Chair is an ex-officio member [fourth member of committee] of the Nominating Committee. The Committee shall develop a ballot from EMG members and submit an official ballot to the Secretary-Treasurer for distribution to the entire membership by mail or by electronic voting. Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of those members voting.


The EMG, from time to time, will raise funds for programs and events. This will be done in cooperation with the AIC and will follow all the rules and specification set down by AIC for fundraising by specialty groups within AIC.

Revisions approved by AIC Board, July 2007