Interview Series

ECPN has published several interview series on AIC’s blog that provide valuable insight into different aspects of the field through personal accounts. 

Specialty Group Interviews

ECPN launched a Specialty Group series in 2016 to highlight niche specializations or sub-specializations within our field that require particular training. The first installment of the series focused on East Asian art conservation, the second on electronic media, the third on wooden artifacts, and the fourth on libraries and archives. Click below to see interviews with practitioners working in these areas:

East Asian Art

Click here to read all of the interviews.

Wooden Artifacts

Click here to read all of the interviews on Conservators Converse, and here for the posts on the Member Community.

Membership Designation in AIC

To promote a clearer understanding of AIC’s peer-review status and its benefits, ECPN interviewed Molly Gleeson about the process of applying to become a Professional Associate (PA). This interview served as a follow up to her own post about her reasons for applying.

Creative Endeavors and Expressive Ideas Interviews

ECPN presented a poster at the 2012 AIC Annual Meeting that highlighted how emerging conservation professionals engage in different outreach activities. ECPN received so much great content for this poster that a related series of interviews were also published on the blog in the lead up to the Annual Meeting:

Alyssa Rina discusses a treatment with a visitor In The Artifact Lab, Penn Museum, Philadelphia