Objects Specialty Group

Rules of Order


The purposes of the Objects Specialty Group are to improve knowledge of all subjects related to the conservation of archaeological, ethnographic, and decorative objects, to promote proficiency and skill in the practice of conservation of such objects and to disseminate technical and professional information related thereto. The Objects Specialty Group is a division of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), and is therefore bound by the Bylaws of AIC and the policies set by the Board of that body. These Rules of Order, and any changes therein, shall require written approval from the Board of AIC before becoming effective.


Membership shall be open to any member in good standing of AIC. All members shall have the right to vote on elections of officers, changes in the Rules of Order, membership dues, and any other issue on which a vote by the membership is required in accordance with Sections V and VI below.


The officers of the Objects Specialty Group will consist of a Group Chairperson, a Program Chairperson, an Assistant Program Chairperson and a Secretary/Treasurer, elected from among the membership. All members are eligible for office. A Nominating Committee will provide a slate of candidates for Assistant Program Chair and for Secretary/Treasurer. The Assistant Program Chairperson will be elected by electronic ballot for a one-year term beginning at the Annual Business Meeting. The Assistant Program Chairperson will then become the Program Chairperson for the second year and the Group Chairperson for the third year. A new Assistant Program Chairperson will be elected each year. The Secretary/Treasurer will be elected by electronic ballot for a two-year term beginning at the Annual Business Meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer can opt to continue for a second two-year term upon completion of the initial term.

The Group Chairperson will be responsible for all group activities. He/she will coordinate directly with the Board Specialty Group Liaison and the AIC Office. He/ she will write the Objects Specialty Group column for the AIC Newsletter; advise the Program Chairperson as required; appoint, monitor, and coordinate activities of action committees; answer group-related inquiries from the AIC Board and Office; submit requested reports and updates to the AIC Board; attend the annual Internal Advisory Group meeting; run the annual group business meeting; and act as general spokesperson for the Objects Specialty Group. The Group Chairperson has the authority to spend up to $2500.00 per year of Objects Group funds for projects he/she considers worthwhile and at his/her discretion. The Chairperson is responsible for notifying the membership of such disbursement in writing.
The Program Chairperson will organize all aspects of the Annual Program of the Objects Specialty Group and chair the Annual Program; mentor the Assistant Program Chairperson; and ensure the timely publication of the Postprints of his/her Annual Program to the AIC website.

The Assistant Program Chairperson will aid the Program Chairperson in organizing the Annual Program of the Objects Specialty Group. At a minimum, the Assistant Program Chairperson will help the Program Chairperson select papers for the Annual Program from abstracts submitted by potential speakers. He/she will also participate in all conference calls and correspondence related to the Annual Meeting. Other duties may be at assigned to the Assistant Program Chairperson at the discretion of the Program Chairperson.

The Secretary/Treasurer will maintain a written record of the meetings and activities of the Objects Specialty Group and provide the Board with copies thereof, and will advise the Group Chairperson on matters concerning the Objects Specialty Group Budget. The Group Chairperson shall inform the Treasurer of AIC of his/her approval of disbursements to be made by the Treasurer of AIC from funds collected in membership dues for the Objects Specialty Group.

An Advisory Committee consisting of the three most recently retired Group Chairpersons will be available to provide an organizational memory for the group and to advise the Group Chairperson on important decisions affecting Objects Specialty Group members during the year.


The Objects Specialty Group will have one Business Meeting annually in which the business of the group is conducted, to coincide with the place and time of the AIC Annual Meeting.


The election of the Assistant Program Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer will be held by electronic ballot before the Annual Meeting. A Nominating Committee consisting of two volunteers from the OSG membership will be appointed every two years at the annual business meeting. The Nominating Committee will solicit no more than three candidates for Assistant Program Chairperson from the membership and will be responsible for coordinating with the AIC office to prepare the electronic ballot before the Annual Meeting. The standing Nominating Committee will appoint a new officer in the event of a resignation.


These Rules of Order may be amended, added to, or repealed by a vote of a majority of the members present in person at the Business Meeting provided that notice of such changes has been provided in writing to said membership at least 30 (thirty) days in advance of the Business Meeting by the Group Chairperson. Any amendments or changes must be submitted to the AIC Board for review prior to a vote by its membership. Upon ratification of such amendments by the membership, the Rules of Order thus amended will be submitted by the Group Chairperson to the Board of AIC for approval. 

Submitted May 2014 by Lara Kaplan, Objects Specialty Group Chair 2013-2014.