PSG Postprints

Paintings Specialty Group has produced postprints since 1988.

Postprints Submission Guidelines

Paintings Specialty Group Postprints is a compilation of papers presented at the Paintings Session at AIC's Annual Meeting. The PSG Postprints is designed to be an informal publication whose primary function is to fulfill the needs of its immediate membership. It is a forum for the dissemination of ideas and information, whether of a formative or a conclusive nature. Publication in the PSG Postprints does not constitute endorsement by the Paintings Specialty Group or by the American Institute for Conservation.

The PSG Postprints is a non-juried publication. Please submit your paper in its final form. Except for minor formatting or minor grammatical changes, papers will not be edited by the compiler. Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their submissions. Authors will receive a PDF of the article formatted for publication for approval prior to publishing.

Papers are to be submitted to the compiler in an electronic format. The Paintings Specialty Group Postprints are published as a pdf.
Papers should be written in an academic writing style; do not write in the first person. Papers are to be organized as: Title, Author(s), Abstract, Text, Acknowledgements (optional), Endnotes, Suppliers (optional), References, and Author Information. Captions for figures may be listed at the end of the paper or sent as a separate text document.

The text of the paper should be submitted as a Microsoft WORD document using the following format:

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12pt
  • Spacing: single spaced
  • Margins: 1” margins with left justification
  • Pagination: Do not paginate
  • Footnotes: Do not use footnotes
  • Endnotes: Group at the end of text. Do not use superscripts; endnote numbers should be enclosed within brackets, e.g., [1].
  • Headers and Footers: Do not use headers and footers or other special formatting in the text
  • Caption designations for figures: For figure designations within the text use the abbreviation, e.g., (fig. 2). For the caption text use the full word, e.g., Figure 2. For further information see below: Figures and Illustrations

Abstract: An abstract of 75-100 words preceding the body of the text is requested. Please refer to AATA Online for abstract guidelines at

Endnotes: Reference style for endnotes should follow that of the JAIC Guidelines for Authors at

Suppliers: An optional list of materials by product name and suppliers with address (web address optional). The name of the manufacturer can be helpful to the reader.

References: A bibliographic reference list should follow the format used for JAIC (see JAIC Guidelines for Authors at The reference section should only include those references cited in the text.  References that are not cited within the text should be listed as Additional Sources Consulted.

Authors Information: Authors information should include the author(s) name, title, affiliation (optional), and mailing address. E-mail addresses are optional.

Figures and Illustrations
Authors are encouraged to submit illustrative material to accompany their text; this is inclusive of images, tables, charts, and appendices. All figures, tables, and appendices must have captions. 

  • Images should be submitted as tiff files, or large jpg files, with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi sized for publication at approximately 4x6”; images will be published in color
  • Tables and appendices should be submitted in Microsoft WORD or EXCEL
  • Figures and illustrations should be submitted separately and not wrapped into the text document. Images are preferably submitted on CD or DVD, not via E-mail.
  • Filenames for images should be the last name of author, underscore, followed by figure number, e.g., [buckley_fig2]
  • Captions for the images may be listed at the end of the WORD text document or sent as a separate WORD document.
  • For figure designations within the text use the abbreviation for figure, e.g., (fig. 2). For the caption text use the full word, e.g., Figure 2 or Table 2.
  • Captions for a work of art should include artist, title, date, media or materials, dimensions (inches and metric), and credit (including institutional numbers if applicable)

Permissions and Copyright
Authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their articles and they will retain copyright to their written ideas, data, and analysis. However, as a condition of publication, the authors must assign publishing rights for the finalized version of their article to the American Institute for Conservation. The author will need to sign an Author License Agreement. Authors must obtain written permission for reproduction and distribution in electronic media for text or images owned or copyrighted by others. The signed author agreement and any written copyright permissions must be submitted to the compiler who will forward the material to AIC.

Download Author License Agreement