The Photographic Materials Group (PMG) of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) was officially formed with a signed article of incorporation in August 1979, making it the first Specialty Group within AIC. Initially, photographic materials conservators met annually at the general AIC meetings and at an annual winter meeting specific to photographic materials conservation. By 1989, the biennial winter meetings schedule replaced the yearly winter meeting schedule. As of 2014, there are approximately 400 AIC members who are also PMG members.

 The purpose of the Photographic Materials Group is to encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and information about photographic conservation and to promote the development of sound conservation practices, to promote the publication of scholarly articles on photographic conservation and related topics,and to develop closer ties with other related disciplines, and to disseminate responsible information on the care of photographs. Areas of interest mirror the diversity of materials found in photographic media: plastic film, glass, metal, and composite objects including wood, paper prints, and album/book structures.