Photographic Materials Professional Development Stipend

Criteria for Review

  • Project’s potential benefit to the field of photograph conservation.
  • Applicant’s qualifications.
  • Quality and clarity of application materials.
  • Applicants demonstrated success with previous projects (PMG or otherwise).
  • Strength of letters of support.
  • Demonstrated need.

Stipend Categories

  • Publication (i.e. manuscript preparation)
  • Conservation Product (i.e photographic sample sets)
  • Research (i.e. testing, printing, research-related travel)
  • Education/Training (i.e. teaching, workshops, outreach)

Application Process

The process of applying is managed entirely through an online system.

You will be prompted to login to the system using a login ID and password. If you already have an account with AIC/FAIC (this should be the case if you are an AIC member or have participated in an AIC/FAIC program), use the same login information you use to access that account. If you do not have an account in the system, you can quickly set one up before you begin your application.

The online form will take you through the four sections of the application:

  1. Applicant information (name and contact information, resume/CV, etc.)
  2. Project information including a description of the proposed project, institutions and/or individuals involved, expected outcome, benefits to the field of photograph conservation and PMG membership, and planned method of disbursement of knowledge gained.
  3. Reference information (name and email of reference). You should complete this step as early as possible to provide your references with time to write and submit a letter of support. Make sure to click “SEND REQUEST NOW” to generate an automated email to be sent to your references with instructions on submitting their letter of support.
  4. Budget information information (total cost of project and any funding that has been obtained from external sources).

You can save and return to your application later to complete it. When you are satisfied with your responses, “save and finalize” to submit your application. Once the application has been submitted, you cannot return to edit the form.


The deadlines for receipt of all materials is March 15 and October 15 of each year. Applications will be reviewed by PMG officers and a recommendation will be made to the PMG Chair for final approval. Notification of awards will be made six to eight weeks after the deadline.

Two letters of support from PMG members must be submitted electronically. Applicants should enter the names and email addresses of their references as soon as possible during the application process. Once the applicant submits the reference information, references will receive an email with instructions on how to upload their letter of support. Letters uploaded to the system will not be accessible to the applicant.

Apply for Funding

Use the link below to access the application form via FAIC's online portal:

Stipend Amounts

Total funding for the PMG Professional Development stipend can be increased or decreased on a yearly basis by the PMG officers, during budget preparation, according to the needs and wishes of the membership.

Disbursement of Funds

Following application review, successful applicants will receive notification from the Secretary/Treasurer outlining instructions for the disbursement of the stipend funds. 

All stipend recipients that receive $600 or more will be required to fill out a W9 form prior to disbursement of the funds. 

Applicants will receive half of their stipend upon approval of the project. The remaining stipend funds will not be available until the project is complete and the final report (in the form of a presentation, publication, or notification of completion of product) has been disseminated to the PMG membership. The PMG officers may grant exceptions to this guideline if circumstances are warranted. If desired, please include a request to grant this exception along with the application materials. 

Exceptions and Limitations

In most cases, funding may not be used to travel to conferences or workshops unless attendance is essential and directly related to the proposed project. Funding may not be used to subsidize projects intended to realize personal profit to individual PMG members or others. Income realized from any special project will not be earmarked or reserved for specific future projects of individual members. 

Stipend recipients must be willing to provide receipts and periodic updates on the progress of their project until the final report (in the form of a presentation, publication, or notification of completion of product) is completed. PMG officers may request updates. The stipend recipient must endeavor to complete the project within the stated time period.

Funding requests for major projects, which total over $10,000 require presentation to and approval of the PMG membership. Proposals for major projects should be send to the PMG Chair.