Photographic Materials Group (PMG) Column

July 2021

PMG Leadership

I would like to welcome the new Photographic Materials Group (PMG) Chair, Monique Fischer, and the Assistant Program Chair, Jiuan Jiuan Chen. Jiuan Jiuan Chen will work as Assistant Program Chair for the first year and become Program Chair the second year. We could not be happier with the search for candidates of our Nomination Committee, and their willingness to collaborate of such great colleagues as Monique Fischer and Jiuan Jiuan Chen. I am very grateful for Amanda Maloney, who served as Assistant Program Chair for one year and is Program Chair 2021-2022, and to Ronel Namde, who will continue as Secretary/Treasurer for one more year.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Katherine Sanderson, who completed her term as Program Chair; to Barbara Lemmen, who served as Chair Emerita and Chair of the Nominating Committee for the past two years; and to Tatiana Cole, who finished her term as member of the Nominating Committee. Katherine Sanderson will join Heather Brown in the Nominating Committee, and I will have the honor to serve as both Chair of that committee, and Chair Emeritus (a non-funded PMG Officer) until 2023.

2021 AIC/SPNHC Joint Virtual Annual Meeting
The program for 2021 AIC Annual Meeting was put together with a selection of eleven talks, presented in four PMG sessions, and six talks presented in two joint sessions with the Book and Paper Group (BPG), plus the Business Meeting and a Tips session.

PMG Biennial Winter Meeting
The 2021 PMG Biennial Winter Meeting was cancelled in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In light of the cancellation, a two-part workshop on chemistry and deterioration of silver-based photographs, by Douglas Nishimura and Scott Williams, were offered during 2021 AIC/SPNHC Joint Virtual Annual Meeting.

Opportunities: Collaborate/contribute
Please consider:

—Fernanda Valverde, PMG Chair,

April 2020

I would start by thanking Marie-Lou Beauchamp for her great work compiling Topics in Photographic Preservation (Volume 18) which you should have already received and hopefully read it. I would also like to thank our nominations committee integrated by Barbara Lemmen, Tatiana Cole, and Saori Lewis for finding amazing candidates for the new PMG Secretary Treasurer and for our first Assistant Program Chair who will take office next Summer. The Assistant Program Chair will collaborate with our current Program Chair, Katherine Sanderson, for one year and will become Program Chair the following year (in 2021).

I am very happy to announce the initiative of translating the PMG Wiki into Spanish language thanks to the incredible work of our Mexican colleagues leaded by PMCC/Wiki Contributor Cecilia Salgado. The accuracy of the translation is reviewed by several Spanish speaking conservators of photographs including myself. PMCC/Wiki Chair, Stephanie Watkins, is coordinating the work and thinking of possible ways to add the translations into our Wiki platform.

PMG Chair: Fernanda Valverde

January 2020

Upcoming Publication

I am very happy to announce that the upcoming volume of Topics in Photographic Preservation (Volume 18) is currently being compiled by Marie-Lou Beauchamp. This volume will feature presentations from the meetings in Houston, New York City, and Uncasville.

2020 AIC Annual Meeting

Please register soon for the AIC Annual Meeting to be held next May 19-23, 2020, in Salt Lake City, UT. You will be delighted to see the full program, which includes twenty-one PMG talks plus one joint PMG-BPG “tips” session, and a joint reception with the BPG.

New Committee

The Awards and Legacy Committee has been created with J. Luca Ackerman as chair. The purpose of this working group is to recognize the outstanding work of our colleagues, and also to preserve the history of PMG. You will soon hear more about it and be asked to volunteer. Please consider participating in this important mission.

New PMG Volunteer Position – Assistant Program Chair

Stay tuned to read the details about the creation of a new PMG officer position: Assistant Program Chair. You will be asked for your input and your vote electronically, with the intention of starting the term at the completion of the AIC Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City.

—Fernanda Valverde, PMG Chair,

June 2019

I would like to start this column by thanking outgoing Officers, PMG Chair, Barbara Lemmen and Program Chair, Tatiana Cole for the amazing work they did these past two years and acknowledge the efforts of the many individuals who serve as committee members. The group could not function without you.

It will be an honor for me to serve the group as chair for the next two years with the help of Secretary/Treasurer, Heather Brown and new Program Chair, Katie Sanderson.  It is my intention to work towards increasing the participation of PMG members in the development of new collective projects and publications, like the Photographic Analog Processes Sample Set and the Platinum and Palladium Photographs book, which have proven to be incredible beneficial and successful beyond the PMG community.  I would also like to work towards creating opportunities for students and recent graduates to grow professionally and become engaged in global networking to reach out and support photograph conservation in other countries and where it is most needed.

2019 AIC Annual Meeting   

The membership increased significantly following the joint meeting last winter. Despite the lower number of attendees compared to the joint meeting, the Annual Meeting was well -attended and the two half days of presentations were commented as excellent and remarkable by members of the audience. The business meeting took place early in the morning with a full breakfast. The joint reception with BPG at the Mystic Seaport Museum provided an opportunity to meet new and old colleagues and exchange experiences from the entire Annual Meeting.

New Position

The Officers are currently working on creating an Assistant Program Chair position to help the Program Chair and other Officers with the organization and presentation of the PMG program at the Annual Meeting and Winter Meeting. This would be a one-year term that transitions into Program Chair for a second year. Our goal is to have someone elected during the next election cycle and in place in 2020. A vote on amending the “Rules of Order” to add this position would take place after the proposal is sent to the Board for advice and to the membership for input.

Jose Orraca Award / APOYO Scholarship

This year is the 10th anniversary of Jose Orraca’s passing. APOYO, the Association for preservation for the Americas, is creating scholarships in honor of Jose to support attendees to APOYO’s online meetings and training courses. PMG agreed to support the initiative with funding for the scholarships, and will help disseminate APOYO’s mission: promoting communication and professional development in Latin America, the Caribbean and Portuguese speaking countries.

Topics in Photographic Preservation

Topics volume 18 will be published by the end of the year. Abstracts from the PMG sessions at the 2018 and 2019 AIC Annual Meetings and the Joint Meeting will be included. The submission deadline is September 30th, 2019.

Photographic Analog Processes in Print and Film Sample Sets

You can still order the Sample Set and dye transfer prints at the specially discounted price of $210 each, either separately or to complete your analog set.

Upcoming Programing

AIC Annual Meeting for 2020 - Salt Lake City. Announcements will be released soon. Ideas for workshops to be offered at the Annual Meeting and at the Winter Meeting are welcome.

PMG Winter Meeting 2021 - Harry Ransom Center, UT Austin, hosted by Diana Diaz and Heather Brown. Plans will start developing soon.

F. FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation

  • Six sections of Photographic Chemistry Web-series are available. Registration is open.
  • September 23-25, 2019, Material Immaterial: Photographs in the 21st Century. Symposium hosted by Paul Messier and the Lens Media Lab at Yale University. Registration is open.
  • October 2020, 35th Anniversary celebration and symposium at the Image Permanence Institute.
  • June 2021, The care of large scale photographs, workshop at the Museum of Modern Art, coordinated by Lee Ann Daffner.

Nominating Committee

Barbara Lemmen and Tatiana Cole will join Saori Lewis as members of the Nominating Committee; we would like to thank Sylvie Penichon and Taina Meller, who will be stepping down.

Finally, to all PMG and AIC members, I look forward to connecting with you in the future and listening to your input to better serve the community and the field.

-Fernanda Valverde, PMG Chair

May 2019

2019 AIC-PMG & ICOM-CC PMWG Joint Meeting

The third AIC-PMG & ICOM-CC PMWG joint meeting was a resounding success. Here are some statistics assembled by Heather Brown (PMG Secretary/Treasurer) that were shared in a “thank you” email to sponsors, organizers, and presenters. She will share the financials at the upcoming business meeting.

A total of 174 international participants registered for the meeting, representing 25 countries. There were 10 tours, six workshops, and a reception, in addition to the two and a half days of talks from 43 presenters. The PMG celebrated its 40th anniversary with an illustrated presentation about its history that has since been made available to the membership. The meeting reached audiences all over the world through social media using #PMGPMWG19.

2019 AIC Annual Meeting

We hope that you will be able to join us at the annual meeting in a few weeks. PMG has scheduled two half days of presentations, a business meeting with full breakfast, and a joint reception with BPG at the Mystic Seaport Museum.


The voting period has ended, and the next PMG Chair and Program Chair will be announced during the PMG business meeting during the AIC Annual Meeting in May.

Topics in Photographic Preservation

You should have received your copy of Topics, vol. 17. Marie-Lou Beauchamp, Compiler, announced at the Joint Meeting that Topics, vol. 18, would be published by the end of the year. Abstracts from the PMG sessions at the 2018 and 2019 AIC Annual Meetings and the 2019 Joint Meeting will automatically be included. Marie-Lou will be in touch with the presenters; they will have an opportunity to review their abstract, submit an extended abstract, or a full article. The submission deadline is September 30, 2019. At the Joint Meeting, the membership approved using profits from that meeting to ship Topics vol. 17 to authors who are not PMG members.

Platinum and Palladium Photographs

Articles in Platinum and Palladium Photographs are being abstracted by AATA. At this time, 25 records are online and another 8 will be up in the next few months. The book is currently sold through the AIC store, TALAS, the National Gallery of Art bookstore and website, and the George Eastman Museum. At the March Joint Meeting in March, there were approximately 700 copies unsold. Also, at this meeting, the membership approved funding to ready the book for publication online late this year/early next. Please contact Laura Wahl if you would like a pdf of the latest flyer or have marketing ideas.

Photographic Analog Processes in Print and Film Sample Sets

The first Sample Sets were delivered at the Joint Meeting in New York to those who had applied for and had been awarded sets. If you have not had a chance to apply for a set, you should do so quickly before supplies run out. Note that these sets are being awarded at no cost other than shipping. You can still order dye transfer prints at the specially discounted price of $210 each, either separately or to complete your analog set. This may be your last chance to purchase this rare process through this project; their availability beyond our initial printing run is uncertain. For more details, go to:

FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee

The Committee has new members, comprised of:

    Nora Kennedy

    Monique Fischer

    Millard Schisler

    Krista Lough

    Alisha Chipman

    Maggie Wessling (Chair)

    Saori Lewis (Secretary)

    Molly Gleeson (AIC Board Liaison)

    Sarah Saetren (FAIC Liaison)

Regarding upcoming programming:

The committee is actively developing its workshop and symposium content and welcomes input from the PMG and wider conservation community. Please contact Maggie Wessling or other committee members if you have ideas about potential future workshop or symposium topics to share.

New Committee and New Position

The creation of a new PMG elected Officer position (Assistant Program Chair) and committee (Awards and Legacy Committee) are under discussion by the membership. Please share your thoughts through the PMG online community, directly with the Officers, and /or during the business meeting at the annual meeting later this month.

—Barbara Lemmen, PMG Chair 2017-2019,

News RE: New Member Platform at AIC

You have probably already seen and perhaps participated in AIC’s Online Community, particularly the member-wide forum. This new community will be expanding to take the place of our SG listserv hosted on CoOL. 

Each specialty group can host their own resources, such as meeting minutes, postprints, videos, historical documents, best practices, tips, and images.  With a more modern interface, our new SG community will improve access to conversation (and avoid many issues we might be having with the listserv).

We are launching the PMG Community during the week of August 6th! Your first introduction to the PMG Community will be via email digest. The digest will come just after midnight Eastern time. You should see the sender as “American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works,” or” Stay tuned for an email with further instructions on how to access the community!

Gawain Weaver has graciously offered to transition from PMG Listserv to PMG Community Moderator.  Heather Brown, PMG Secretary/Treasurer, will be assisting him, as needed.

When you log into the new community, we strongly suggest you check your notification settings to ensure you receive daily digest e-mails. These are listed in your Community profile, in the tab My Account / Community Notifications. Please see the attached slideshow for an introduction to Higher Logic and how to adjust your digest settings. Note that if you would like to switch to a weekly digest for any of your groups, the “respond via email” function will not work. The AIC office is happy to help you customize your settings; email them at

We hope you find this new tool useful!

Barbara Lemmen, PMG Chair

Link to tutorial: Community_Welcome_Tour