AIC News, November 2018

New Originals: Reprints in Photography

 By Hanako Murata, J. Luca Ackerman, Tatiana Cole, and Peter Mustardo for PMG

Presented in part at the PMG session of the 2017 AIC Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois

Photographic Materials Group (PMG) Column

2019 AIC-PMG & ICOM-CC PMWG Joint Meeting

Planning for the 2019 Joint Meeting is well underway, and registration for the meeting and workshops is now open! The meeting will take place in New York City on February 19-23. For more details, please visit:

We received many abstracts and look forward to sharing the program once it has been finalized. A complete program will be posted in early November, as will the details for the reception. If you have any questions/ concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Program Chair Tatiana Cole or another officer.

2019 AIC Annual Meeting

Preparation for the PMG session of AIC’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Connecticut is also in progress. The program for the entire meeting will be made available to the public very soon. For registration and up-to- date meeting information, go to:

AIC News Lead Article

Do not miss PMG’s lead article in this issue of AIC News, “New originals: Reprints in photography,” by Hanako Murata, J. Luca Ackerman, Peter Mustardo, and Tatiana Cole. Each specialty group is asked to provide a feature piece approximately every three years that covers a topical issue that would also be of interest to the other specialty groups. Hanako et al. rose to the challenge and, on behalf of the PMG membership, I thank them for their commitment of time and energy.

FAIC Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee

FAIC’s Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation Committee is pleased to announce two changes to the committee roster: Maggie Wessling has taken on the role of Committee Chair and Alisha Chipman has joined the team as member. The Committee would like to thank outgoing Chair Luisa Casella and committee member Theresa Andrews for their exceptional leadership! The committee is still accepting applications for one additional member and encourages PMG members to apply. Additionally, the commit- tee has been working on the following programming:

  • The latest lectures in the “Photographic chemistry webseries” were released in August as the pilot learning-module for AIC’s new web learning platform. The webseries features Dr. Scott Williams and to date has attracted 158 registered participants.

  • Paul Messier and the Lens Media Lab at Yale University will host a symposium on the “Characterization of photographic materials” in New Haven, CT, September 23-25, 2019.

  • On October 2020, FAIC will collaborate on a 35th Anniversary celebration of the Image Permanence Institute (IPI) organized in collaboration with IPI Director Jae Gutierrez.

    The committee is actively developing its workshop and symposium content and welcomes input from PMG and the wider conservation community. Please contact Maggie Wessling at margaret.m.wessling@ if you have ideas to share.

    Publications: Platinum and Palladium Photographs

    PMG published the book Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation, edited by Constance McCabe, in 2017 and it is selling well. The book is currently available
    for purchase through the AIC online store and the National Gallery of Art (in Washington, DC, and online). We are exploring avenues for additional distributors, particularly overseas. If you have suggestions for distributors, please contact PMG Publications Coordinator Laura Wahl,

  • Anyone who hasn't purchased a copy should consider doing so, since all proceeds support PMG endeavors. The Spring 2018 issue of PhotoHistorian included historian Dr. Michael Pritchard’s review of this valuable publication. Look for the review on the PMG website.

The Analog Sample Set

The Analog Sample Set Committee wants to say “thank you” to all who submitted applications for the newly created Analog Sample Set. We anticipate that the winning applicants will be notified in a few weeks. We also take this opportunity to thank the many generous donors (too numerous to list here) who made the creation of these purely analog sets possible. We are grateful for their commitment to this project through financial support, in-kind donations, and sheer love and appreciation for analog photographs. Each set represents a collection of 17 purely analog photographic prints, negatives, and transparencies created with professional targets as a reference tool. Each photograph or negative is individually housed with a detailed information sheet documenting materials and production for each sample. The analog set is a wonderful complement to the existing Digital Sample Set that is currently owned by 221 institutions and individuals in 22 countries worldwide. Each sample was made via a 100% analog workflow, by exceptional professionals, and in some cases the last remaining practitioners of the respective process. Our goal is to globally distribute the sets, in order to provide the most equitable access to this resource.

—Barbara Lemmen, PMG Chair 2017-2019, 

AIC News, May 2018

Photographic Materials Group (PMG)

2018 AIC Annual Meeting

We hope that many of you will be joining us in Houston in a few weeks. If you have a topic that you would like included in the business meeting agenda, please contact any of the PMG officers. For registration and complete annual meeting information including workshops, tours, lodging, etc., please visit:

2019 AIC-PMG & ICOM-CC PMWG Joint Meeting

The 2019 Joint Meeting will be taking place in New York City in February. Plans include two and one-half days of presentations, plus a reception, three workshops, and tours. Watch your email for announcements of the dates, location, and other details as they are finalized.


The voting has ended, and the next PMG Secretary/Treasurer will be announced during the PMG business meeting in Houston.

Publications: Platinum and Palladium Photographs

Laura Wahl, PMG Publications Committee Chair, has been working on marketing Platinum and Palladium Photographs: Technical History, Connoisseurship, and Preservation (editor Connie McCabe). Her marketing efforts included adding a flyer to the attendees’ packet and hosting a table at the Photo History/Photo Future conference at RIT in April. If you have suggestions of events to showcase the book, of organizations she could reach out to, or people who might review it, please contact Laura at

—Barbara Lemmen, PMG Chair 2017-2019,

News RE: New Member Platform at AIC

You have probably already seen and perhaps participated in AIC’s Online Community, particularly the member-wide forum. This new community will be expanding to take the place of our SG listserv hosted on CoOL. 

Each specialty group can host their own resources, such as meeting minutes, postprints, videos, historical documents, best practices, tips, and images.  With a more modern interface, our new SG community will improve access to conversation (and avoid many issues we might be having with the listserv).

We are launching the PMG Community during the week of August 6th! Your first introduction to the PMG Community will be via email digest. The digest will come just after midnight Eastern time. You should see the sender as “American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works,” or” Stay tuned for an email with further instructions on how to access the community!

Gawain Weaver has graciously offered to transition from PMG Listserv to PMG Community Moderator.  Heather Brown, PMG Secretary/Treasurer, will be assisting him, as needed.

When you log into the new community, we strongly suggest you check your notification settings to ensure you receive daily digest e-mails. These are listed in your Community profile, in the tab My Account / Community Notifications. Please see the attached slideshow for an introduction to Higher Logic and how to adjust your digest settings. Note that if you would like to switch to a weekly digest for any of your groups, the “respond via email” function will not work. The AIC office is happy to help you customize your settings; email them at

We hope you find this new tool useful!

Barbara Lemmen, PMG Chair

Link to tutorial: Community_Welcome_Tour