Comité Nacional de Conservación Textil (CNCT)

The Comité Nacional de ConservaciónTextil (CNCT), established in 1987, is a group of diverse professionals linked to the investigation of Chilean textiles. Members include conservators, anthropologists, archaeologists, curators, textile designers, weavers, and others. The resulting multiple perspectives offers a rich platform for discussion and professional development. Some of the committee's objectives are promoting the conservation of Chilean archaeological, ethnographic, and historic textile collections; encouraging the study and investigation of Chilean textile patrimony; supporting the training of committee members in Chile ad abroad; and establishing institutional bonds with domestic and international agencies through membership and academic/professional activities. 

Each potential member of the CNCT must be nominated by an existing member and voted into the group by all members. The CNCT's annual meetings, which alternate between presentations and workshops, are open to members only, and members are strongly encouraged to attend. The Textile Specialty Group has sponsored reciprocal membership with the CNCT since 1998. TSG provides copies of its Postprints to the CNCT library, which is housed in Santiago and open to all CNCT members by appointment. Postprints of CNCT annual meetings and bulletins (in Spanish) are available online.