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Designation Marks

We permit professional members in good standing to use the mark on their personal and professional websites only according to the following guidelines.

  • Alterations: You may not alter, modify, or obscure any part of these marks.   
  • Placement: This mark must not appear on the top left corner of any website. Preferred location for the logo is on an "About" page or "Biography" page. Additionally, you may feature the logo on the right side or lower portion of the website, along with text indicating your current membership. For example, "Current Professional Associate Member of AIC." 
  • Reference: The mark must accompany text about the person who holds the designation. You may not use it to imply that it we have confered this designation to a company or group of people.
  • Link: The mark must link back to either our home page or professional membership page.


  • Right-click (Save Link As...) to download the logo (jpg format).

  • Embed on your site by copying and pasting the html code below into your page, including the angle brackets ("<" and ">").
AIC Fellow Mark


<img width="300" height="393" src="" alt="AIC Fellow"/>



<img width="300" height="393" src="" alt="AIC Professional Associate"/>