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Research & Technical Studies Postprints

Our Research & Technical Studies Group publishes this non-peer-reviewed publication annually.

  • consists of papers presented at the group's session of our annual meeting and independent submissions published at the discretion of the group.
  • contains non-peer-reviewed content for which its authors are solely responsible--both in the accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present, and as such, does not constitute any kind of official statement or endorsement on behalf of the organization

Research and Technical Studies Group Postprints Vol. 5 (2014)

Volume Five (2014) contains the proceedings from the RATS sessions of AIC's 42nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

  • An Examination of Light-Induced Color Change in Anoxia and Hypoxia using the Microfading Tester, by Vincent Beltran, Jim Druzik, Andrew Lerwill, and Christel Pesme
  • Concealable Strain Monitoring and Modeling of Relative Dimensional Changes in Art Objects, by A.G. Schrott, Levente J. Klein, Joseph Sloan, Sergio A. Bermudez, Hendrik F. Hamann, Constantina Vlachou-Mogire, Mika Takami, and Kate Frame
  • Accurate Measurement and the Quantification of Surface and Material Property Change Using New RTI and AR Techniques, by Carla Schroer, Mark Drew, Mark Mudge, and Mingjing Zhang
  • A Closer Look at Early Italian Panel Paintings: Imaging Cross-Sectional Paint Samples from the Walters Art Museum, by Kristin deGhetaldi, Zachary Voras, Eric Gordon, Glenn Gates, Karen French, and Pamela Betts
  • Free Fatty Acid Profiles in Water Sensitive Oil Paints: A Comparison of Modern and 15th-Century Oil Paints, by Joy Mazurek
  • Development and Testing of a Fluorescence Standard for Documenting Ultraviolet Induced Visible Fluorescence, by Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton, Paul Messier, and Jiuan Jiuan Chen
  • Recommendations for the Standardization of Digital Radiography of Cultural Heritage Materials, by E. Keats Webb and Blythe McCarthy
  • X-Ray Computed Tomography of Western Red Cedar Bark, by Peter Mc Elhinney, Nicole Little, Benjamin Ache, and Brandon Walters
  • Elemental Identification of Pigments Used in Traditional Bark Paintings in the Northern Territory of Australia, by Georgina Rayner, Narayan Khandekar, Katherine Eremin, Andrew Shortland, and Rita Giannini
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