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Research & Technical Studies Postprints

Our Research & Technical Studies Group publishes this non-peer-reviewed publication annually.

  • consists of papers presented at the group's session of our annual meeting and independent submissions published at the discretion of the group.
  • contains non-peer-reviewed content for which its authors are solely responsible--both in the accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present, and as such, does not constitute any kind of official statement or endorsement on behalf of the organization

Research and Technical Studies Group Postprints Vol. 7 (2019)

Volume Seven (2019) contains the proceedings from the Research and Technical Studies sessions of AIC's 47th Annual Meeting in New England including a joint session with the Objects Specialty Group.

Annotated PowerPoints

  • Effects of Binder Layer and Bath pH on Pt-Ag Replacement Reactions as Applied to Photographic Toning Practices, by Joan M. Walker, Ronel Namde, Keana Scott, and Alline Myers
  • Normalized Peak Area Distributions with HPLC-DAD-MS as a Tool for Differentiating Madder and Cochineal Lakes in Easel Paintings, by Jing Han, Beatriz Fonseca, Monica Ganio, Douglas MacLennan, and Michael R. Schilling
  • Examining the Use of Ozone Test Strips to Detect PVC Plastics in Museums, by Mary Coughlin, G. Asher Newsome, Gwénaëlle Kavich, and Qiuhui Wang
  • A Preliminary Investigation into the Use of Laser Cleaning to Stabilize Bronze Disease, by Emily Frank, Michaela Paulson, Carol E. Snow, and Pablo Londero

Extended Abstract

  • Proteomics characterization of "organic" metal threads - First results and future directions, by Caroline Solazzo, Cristina Scibè, and Kira Eng-Wilmot
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