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Research & Technical Studies Postprints

Our Research & Technical Studies Group publishes this non-peer-reviewed publication annually.

  • consists of papers presented at the group's session of our annual meeting and independent submissions published at the discretion of the group.
  • contains non-peer-reviewed content for which its authors are solely responsible--both in the accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present, and as such, does not constitute any kind of official statement or endorsement on behalf of the organization

Research and Technical Studies Group Postprints Vol. 1 (2004)

Volume One (2004) contains the proceedings from the RATS sessions of AIC's 32nd Annual Meeting in Portland, OR.

  • Issues Relating to Colour Fading in Straw Marquetry, by Yunsun Choi
  • The GCI Lighting for Old Master Drawings Project – an Overview, by J. R. Druzik and Terry T. Schaeffer
  • LightCheck®, new systems for monitoring lighting conditions in Museums, by Costanza Cucci, Anne-Laurence Dupont, Sandra Gerlach, Claudine Loisel, Mauro Bacci, Bertrand Lavédrine, and Hannelore Roemich
  • The Identification of Carbohydrates Used by John Singer Sargent for the Triumph of Religion Mural Cycle, by Glenn Gates, Angela Chang, Narayan Khandekar, Gianfranco Pocobene, Kate Smith Maurer, Ruxandra Stoicescu, and Philip Klausmeyer
  • Lightfastness Testing of Artists' Materials Using ASTM D 4303 and the Blue Wools, by Mark D. Gottsegen
  • The use of lightfastness and other testing protocols in real-life conditions: Devorah Sperber's “Reflections”, by Sarah Lowengard
  • Damage Assessment in Historical Parchments and Tapestries: Application of thermomechanical and thermoanalytical techniques, by M. Odlyha, Q. Wang, J. de Groot, G. M. Foster, D. Howell, and R. Larsen
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