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Electronic Media Review

Our Electronic Media Group publishes these non-peer-reviewed publications annually.

  • distributed to members of the group as a benefit of membership
  • consists of papers presented at the group's session of our annual meeting and independent submissions published at the discretion of the group.
  • contains non-peer-reviewed content for which its authors are solely responsible-both in the accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present, and as such, does not constitute any kind of official statement or endorsement on behalf of the organization
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Electronic Media Review, Vol. 1, 2012 PDF12.53 MB02 Apr, 2019 Download
Electronic Media Review, Vol. 2, 2013 PDF16.47 MB02 Apr, 2019 Download
Electronic Media Review, Vol. 3, 2015 PDF7.15 MB02 Apr, 2019 Download