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Japanese Scroll Paintings:

A Handbook of Mounting Techniques

by Masako Koyano

Japanese Scroll Paintings- A Handbook of Mounting Techniques Cover




Published in 1979; 112 pages, plus 8 plates.

Table of Contents


  1. Scroll terminology
  2. Styles of the hanging scroll
    1. Three basic types
    2. Other types
    3. Calculations for the parts of a scroll
  3. Materials for the scroll
    1. Object to be mounted
    2. Front material for the mounting
    3. Backing materials
    4. Adhesives
  4. Workshop and equipment
    1. The workshop
    2. Equipment
  5. Workshop procedures
    1. Preliminary treatments
    2. First layer of backing, badaura
    3. Second layer of backing, mashiura
    4. Joining the parts of the scroll
    5. Third layer of backing, ageura
    6. Finishing
    7. Handling and storage

Special thanks to the Joyce Hill Stoner, Donald K. Sebera, and W. Thomas Chase, John Winter at the Freer Gallery of Art, the Japan Foundation of Tokyo, and the Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

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