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Preventive Conservation: Collection Storage

Preventive Conservation Cover


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Preventive Conservation: Collection Storage is 7 x 10 in., 944 pages, 5 lbs, hardcover. ISBN 9780997867923. LIsa Elkin and Christopher A. Norris, editors.

Good storage is the foundation of effective collection care-advancing conservation while promoting accessibility and use. Preventive Conservation: Collection Storage covers all types of collections, including science, fine and decorative art, history, library, archive, and digital collections. It concentrates on preventive conservation and emphasizes a risk-management approach. Reflecting the breadth of its scope, the new book is a collaboration between the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, the American Institute for Conservation, the Smithsonian Institution, and the George Washington University Museum Studies Program. It will be useful to anyone in the field of collection care looking for an overview of collection storage-be it an established specialist, an emerging professional, or a student.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Respectful and Responsible Stewardship: Maintaining and Renewing the Cultural Relevance of Museum Collections
    Sanchita Balachandran and Kelly McHugh
  • Chapter 2: Building Internal Partnerships for Collection Care
    Dieter Fenkart-Fröschl and Christopher A. Norris
  • Chapter 3: A Preventive Conservation Approach to the Storage of Collections
    Carolyn L. Rose, Catharine A. Hawks, and Robert Waller

Assessment and Planning

  • Chapter 4: Collection Risk Assessment
    Robert Waller
  • Chapter 5: Collection-Care Surveys for Preventive Conservation
    Joel Taylor
  • Chapter 6: Balancing Collection Storage with Historic Buildings
    Nancy McCoy
  • Chapter 7: Building Project Process
    Walt Crimm
  • Chapter 8: Functional Planning for Collection Storage
    Michael Lundholm

Creating and Renovating Storage Facilities

  • Chapter 9: Design of Storage Facilities
    Walt Crimm
  • Chapter 10: Environmental Management and Related Systems
    Walter Henry
  • Chapter 11: Illumination for Collection Storage
    Paul Himmelstein, Scott Rosenfeld, and Steven Weintraub
  • Chapter 12: Fire Protection for Collection Spaces
    Jeffrey LaSalle and Bryan L. Stemen
  • Chapter 13: Securing Your Collections
    Steven R. Keller
  • Chapter 14: Managing a Collection Move: Planning, Packing, and Logistics
    Heather Thorwald, Gretchen Anderson, Lori Benson, Jude Southward, Annette L. Van Aken, and Russell D. White
    Facility Management
  • Chapter 15: Facility Management: The Partnership with Collection Preservation
    Jeff Joplin
  • Chapter 16: Emergency Management
    Rebecca Fifield
  • Chapter 17: Safety and Health Issues within Storage Space
    Kathryn A. Makos, David Hinkamp, and James R. Smith Jr.
  • Chapter 18: Integrated Pest Management for Museum Collections
    Thomas Strang, Jeremy Jacobs, and Rika Kigawa
  • Chapter 19: Environmental Monitoring
    Konstantinos Ntanos and W. (Bill) Wei
  • Chapter 20: Air Quality, Monitoring, and Management
    Peter Brimblecombe

Specialized Collection Environments & Care

  • Chapter 21: Specialized Macroclimates and Microclimates: Options for the Control of Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Pollutants
    Steven Weintraub
  • Chapter 22: Low Temperature Storage
    Frank P. Simione
  • Chapter 23: Storage in Fluid Preservatives
    John E. Simmons
  • Chapter 24: Visible Storage
    Linda Edquist and Claire F. Larkin
  • Chapter 25: Off-Site Storage
    Doris A. Hamburg
  • Chapter 26: Outdoor Storage Situations
    George Prytulak
  • Chapter 27: Storage of Human Remains
    Nancy Odegaard and Vicki Cassman

Storage Equipment and Materials

  • Chapter 28: Storage Furniture
    Barbara P. Moore, Jeffrey C. Weatherston, Russell D. White, and Stephen L. Williams
  • Chapter 29: Support and Rehousing for Collection Storage
    Rachael Perkins Arenstein, Lisa Goldberg, and Eugenie Milroy
  • Chapter 30: Evaluating Materials Used for Collection Storage
    Pamela Hatchfield
  • Chapter 31: Wood and Related Products
    Pamela Hatchfield
  • Chapter 32: Paper-Based Storage Materials - Fenella G. France
  • Chapter 33: Plastic Storage Products - R. Scott Williams
  • Chapter 34: Marking Collections - Nora Sharon Lockshin

Storage of Digital Collections

  • Chapter 35: An Introduction to Digital Preservation - Sarah Slade, David Pearson, and Steve Knight
  • Chapter 36: Care of Born-Digital Objects - Riccardo Ferrante