Publications such as our scholarly journal and member newsletter feature the latest developments in the field. Browse our specialized books or serials on various topics in conservation.

Tips for Preparing Articles and Notes

JAIC's editors have gathered tips and notes to assist authors in preparing their articles, review articles, short communications, and technical notes. Some of these instructions were first published in the AIC News, AIC's member newsletter.

Publisher Resources

Our publisher, Taylor and Francis, offers the following resources on their website devoted to helping authors turn research into publications.

Scholarly Writing Session at Annual Meetings

JAIC editorial staff, together with the publisher's managing editor, have presented sessions on scholarly writing for annual meeting attendees in 2017 (Chicago) and 2018 (Houston), and 2019 (New England). Please plan to join us in 2020 (Salt Lake City)!

Presenting in 2018 were Julio del Hoyo-Meléndez, JAIC's editor in chief and conservation scientist at National Museum in Krakow; George Cooper, Taylor & Francis/Routledge Managing Editor, Journals; Robin Hanson, JAIC Associate Editor and Textiles Conservator, Cleveland Museum of Art; and Bonnie Naugle, JAIC managing editor and AIC Communications Director. Topics included a journal overview, essential parts of an article, importance of an abstract, and turning a postprint into a peer-reviewed publication.

Member Newsletter Articles

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  • The Mechanics of Writing for JAIC, Part I

  • The Mechanics of Writing for JAIC, Part II