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FAIC / Kress Foundation International Speaker Scholarship

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation provides support for international speakers at the AIC Annual Meetings. The Foundation for Advancement in Conservation (FAIC) requests this funding annually as a single, unified proposal for international travel funding, because the Kress Foundation does not fund individuals directly. 

Applications are due December 15 and must be submit by AIC program chairs. This person will act as the sponsor of the speaker. Applications will be reviewed and a recommendation will be made to the FAIC Board for final approval. Notification of inclusion of proposals in the request to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation will be made by December 23. Actual award notifications will be once we hear from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation (most likely by March 1). 

Award amounts are typically between $1,000 - $2,000. Proposals should support speakers traveling from outside of the US or Canada, and may include airfare, ground transportation, lodging at the Annual Meeting hotel, and meal per diem. Honoraria, meeting registration costs, and optional events (such as workshop fees) are not eligible for funding.

Criteria for Review

  • Proposed project appropriate to purpose stated above
  •  Application supported by the appropriate Program Chair
  • Usefulness of speaker’s contribution to the AIC Annual Meeting
  • Qualifications of speaker
  • Usefulness of participation to the speaker
  • Budget information
  • In the event that too many applications are received, candidates may be selected based on the number of speakers put forward by each specialty group, and/or by alignment with Kress Foundation priorities

Application Process

AIC program chairs may contact us at for a link to the application portal. It is recommended that each specialty group, committee, or network submit no more than two applications for funding. If you are not a program chair but are seeking funding, please contact the program chair of the session during which you are speaking.

Final Report

A final report consisting of a 500 - 1,000 word narrative, at least two images, and a final budget summarizing the expenses and sources of revenue to attend the Annual Meeting is due 30 days after the AIC Annual Meeting. Final reports should be sent to and are required to be eligible for future funding. Reports may be published in part or in full by FAIC, including posting on our website.