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Kress Conservation Fellowship Report Guidelines

Organizations receiving Kress Conservation Fellowships are required to submit a report of activities to FAIC no later than September 12 of the year following the award. If possible, this should be a final report for all activities conducted under the Fellowship. If the Fellowship is not complete, an interim report should be submitted by September 12, with a final report following no later than 60 days after completion of the Fellowship.

Reports should be approximately 3 to 5 pages in length. No particular format is required, but the report should include the following information near the top of the first page:

  • The name of the institution

  • The name and title of the Fellowship supervisor(s)

  • The name of the Fellow

  • The dates of the Fellowship

  • A statement that all Fellowship funds received have been expended

  • Contact information for any questions regarding the report

The body of the report should include information regarding:

  • The Fellow's activities

  • Significant accomplishments

  • Outreach or dissemination activities

  • Impact or significant outcomes for the Institution and the Fellow

  • Any lessons learned or recommendations for future Fellowships

  • Where the Fellow went following the Fellowship (if known)

  • A brief financial statement showing expenses associated with the Fellowship (stipend, taxes, benefits, travel, etc.)

The report should include a statement from the Fellow about the experience, which may cover some of the above points. Two images representing the Fellowship should be included in the report. Please do not include survey, condition, or treatment reports.

Final reports should be sent to and are required to be eligible for future funding. Reports may be published in part or in full by FAIC or the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, including posting on our website. Please do not send copies of reports directly to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.